I mentioned some of this a few issues back but deserves repeating. Barack Obama had a full 8 years of uninterrupted dismay to undercover and set the foundation for this nation as a Socialist and Globalist America, Hillary would then win the election and continue on, BUT Wait…..That did not happen. Our President would soon be Donald J Trump. So, scramble, scramble, something more needed to be done. This was all proven years ago, Obama had a little over two months, 11 weeks to be exact to set more dubious things in action. He then went to his four favorite agencies, the DOJ (FBI), State Dept, CIA, and NSA. He picked 2,000 jobs between these agencies (500 in each) that normally would be Presidential picks for an incoming administration, with the stroke of his pen made these positions into civil service jobs, so they would stay in place and not removable without cause. Thus…The continuation and cementing of the “Deep State.”

   Fast forward a couple of years; Sometime in 2018, Obama knew that the Demoncrats could not win the next election without conniving, lying, and cheating. So this is not a proven fact but one that I believe to be true, I am definitely not a conspiracy theorist. I believe that Obama or one of his upper-level cronies called their good friends in China and arranged for an obstruction to the election of 2020, So therefore the “China virus” escaped Wuhan near the end of 2019. Yes, I am accusing the Past President of Treason and Conspiracy to Murder.

   Fast forward again to the present day; I am writing this article on July 20th, Exactly 6 months to the day of this current administration. In this short time, This “My” America has been devastated to a place never thought of. This is a total turnaround and collapse from the previous Donald J Trump administration policies and all conspired and enacted by Obama and his far left-wing politicians who tell this figurehead Biden idiot what to do, say and think. He surely can’t think of anything on his own. This open border crisis is the worst this country has seen and can’t continue to go forward.

   Our southern border Texas ranchers are being devastated by criminals coming across onto their ranch lands doing a multitude of destruction, burning buildings and homes, and killing some of these fine people, This is an Invasion! not to mention all the cartels bringing in Heroin, Fentanyl, and other illegal drugs killing our American young people and we haven’t even mentioned human trafficking going the other way out the border. We All Must Take a Stand! On a totally different note, who in the world would think it is a good business idea to lace your marijuana with Fentanyl and kill your customers so they cannot buy from you again? I always thought repeat customers were the goal!

   Just this year alone in 6 months, we have caught, detained, or arrested one million illegals, How many more do you think came through without being caught, most of them? has to be 10 times that number. Now our fine Governor wants to arrest them for Trespassing, They will sit in jail, free room and board for six months on the taxpayer dime, A pretty good deal I’d think if I was coming from another socialist or downtrodden country, then after that they get released into this country as free people to apply for benefits, welfare or whatever. I say poor job, Abbott. You have to go. We are already talking and looking at the alternatives for 2022. A little too early for announcements but look ahead to future issues as “Texas Rider and Music News Magazine” will be endorsing a candidate for Texas and working hard along with many of our courageous veteran motorcycle clubs to make it happen in November of 2022.

   So please everyone take a stand and contact your Texas Republican Congressional Representatives that are listed on Page 20, Don’t worry about the other side they like it the way it is.

   Rick Rose

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