So here we are just about 6 weeks out to the midterm elections at the time of printing. I in my entire life would never imagine that this nation was capable of falling so far. What I see happening is like a storybook, a comic strip, or a comedy routine. Every one of you Americans needs to get out and vote this November 8th if you want to even try to save this country. We need to vote out all these far-left progressives, these socialist, communist, Marxist assholes that only have a personal and financial deep state agenda for their own financial benefit while giving this country over to China. At the end of this article, I will list all the Conservative Republicans in all 38 districts in Texas that need to be elected or re-elected into office in order to Save America and Save Texas.

   I was going to move on to another subject about America’s condition but I realize how important this election is and it needs more time and more to be said to be sure that All Texans get out to vote and make this happen for Texas and for America and for Everyone. I know that the majority of the readership of this publication at least leans in my direction of thought but others don’t and that is fine. But this election cycle is different, You know it, just look around you. Things have changed so rapidly in this country to the point that it is actually funny, as I said it’s a comedy show, but in reality, it isn’t. It is really happening, all of it. It’s a disgrace, an embarrassment, we are the laughing stock country of the world. I need to encourage and ask All of you reading this and everyone you know to get out to vote. That is how important this is, so be sure to be registered and take as many people as you can out to vote whether it is early voting or on November 8th. The few of you that did vote Democrat last time around, I am sure you are sorry for that by now, if not you are just an idiot, and no sense in reading any further. You others, Go ahead with your thinking in the future but not now. Everyone one of you needs to vote in Republicans this round so we can take back the House and Senate and actually attempt to put the brakes on this Obama/Biden administration for the next two years to stop this Woke Progressive destruction we are currently experiencing in this country.

   If you haven’t noticed or just don’t pay attention let me mention some things to you. Look at the Economy, you can’t miss it, everything in your daily life is more expensive, Fuel, Groceries, Automobiles, Insurance, Homes, etc. just everything you buy. They tell you that inflation is up by 8%, but that’s a fallacy, Look in any local jurisdiction in any state and you will see it is more like 15% or more.

   What about Social and Law Injustice, Law for them and Law for us? I don’t have to go over it all here, You’ve heard it all. How about Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and the Clinton Foundation? Then there is a different law for anyone that helps, works for, or supports Donald Trump. Look at the January 6th attendees, many are still in jail, some without charges after more than a year and a half. Others serving long sentences for misdemeanors. How about 6 months in jail for a 65-year-old grandmother with cancer? But if you are a Democrat you can do whatever you want and get rich doing it.

   Let’s revisit the with-drawl from Afghanistan, “No man left behind,” We do not leave Americans or allies behind. But we did leave thousands of them behind. We gave the Taliban over $8 Billion dollars in military equipment, tanks, helicopters, guns, and ammo But law-abiding citizens can’t have guns to protect themselves. We gave China a multi-billion dollar air base. All of this to countries that hate us and will use this weaponry against us.

   How about the Open Border, Most reading this live in Texas and we see this result every day. No Martha’s Vineyard can not handle 50 illegal aliens, but we can encounter over 2,000 per day. Don’t believe the numbers, to date of this writing, we have over 5 million New illegal aliens across America since Obama/Biden took office in January of 2021. We have other countries emptying their prisons into our country. Good Luck to You, Be sure to lock your car doors.

   We are funneling hundreds of Billions of dollars to other countries to seemingly fight wars and protect ourselves but in reality, it’s just being fraudulently sifted back into the pockets of Democrat politicians in D.C., Yet we can’t defend ourselves and our families because the DemoIdiots want to take our guns. Criminals can have guns but You have to give up. How about the American Woke Military, this is disgusting. They are training in Social Pronouns instead of Kicking Ass.

   Then we have PTA moms and dads that are Domestic Terrorists. The Demoidiot-operated education system in this country has been overrun for 50 years, But today it’s out of control. Between Abortion and the schools, they will control your children and how they grow up. If they can’t “Destroy them in the Womb, They will in the Classroom.”

   Then there are 67 or whatever the number is of different genders, we have to satisfy everyone’s stupidity. Listen, You either have a Penis or a Vagina, there is no other choice and No man can not have babies.

   I can go on and on but I wouldn’t have enough pages in this issue to cover it all, So stay tuned in. Also check in on our two new websites launching as we are writing this, and, Both Politics and News, Information, Music, and Entertainment Media.

   Also up for grabs are many other offices and you will see them on your ballots, all are important and all need to be taken over by Republicans for Texas to Thrive and Survive. The biggest one I will mention is of course Governor, Our only choice is Greg Abbott over the“Irish American” with the Mexican name. Abbott won the primary and I voted for someone else because he was not my first choice and think he has to go but that will be in another election cycle.

   The main thing is to get out to vote, Below as promised are all 38 Congressional Districts in Texas and all of them are open for voting. You will see the Incumbent seats that we hold and need to keep and the Demoidiot-controlled seats that we need to capture and win.

   Ride on and Stay Free, Till next time……..More to Come…

   God Bless America, Rick Rose

Texas Congressional Elections for all 38 districts.

Be sure you are aware of what voting district you live in and below are the Republican candidates, you need to be voting for, The Democrat opponents are not worth my ink mentioning.

District #1 Nathaniel Moran
District #2 Daniel Crenshaw (Incumbent)
District #3 Keith Self
District #4 Pat Fallon (Incumbent)
District #5 Lance Gooden (Incumbent)
District #6 Jake Ellzey (Incumbent)
District #7 Johnny Teague
District #8 Morgan Luttrell
District #9 Jimmy Leon
District #10 Micheal McCaul (Incumbent)
District #11 August Pfluger (Incumbent)
District #12 Kay Granger (Incumbent)
District #13 Ronny Jackson (Incumbent)
District #14 Randy Weber (Incumbent)
District #15 Monica De La Cruz
District #16 Irene Armendariz-Jackson
District #17 Pete Sessions (Incumbent)
District #18 Carmen Maria Montiel
District #19 Jodey Arrington (Incumbent)
District #20 Kyle Sinclair
District #21 Chip Roy (Incumbent)
District #22 Troy Nehls (Incumbent)
District #23 Tony Gonzalez (Incumbent)
District #24 Beth Van Duyne (Incumbent)
District #25 Roger Williams (Incumbent)
District #26 Michael Burgess (Incumbent)
District #27 Micheal Cloud (Incumbent)
District #28 Cassy Garcia
District #29 Robert Schafranek
District #30 James Rodgers
District #31 John Carter (Incumbent)
District #32 Antonio Swad
District #33 Patrick Gillespie
District #34 Mayra Flores (Special Election Incumbent)
District #35 Dan McQueen
District #36 Brian Babin (Incumbent)
District #37 Jenny Garcia Sharon
District #38 Wesley Hunt

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