Well, here we are today, writing and submitting this to the printer on November 9th, One day after the Massive Big Picture Save America Before Its Lost Election. We did it, Flipped the House and Senate, Months ago I predicted 35 seats in the House and 4 seat Majority in the Senate. You can check that to today’s reality and go from there.

   This is a Great First Step to take back our government but it does not stop here. You have to know who your representatives are in the House and Senate, You know the ones you voted for this cycle. It’s not over, We have to stand in and watch them to be sure that they are on track to keep the promises they made. I’m not too concerned about the newbies, probies, They will have to stand up and do what they need to. I think we now have a good supply of New Blood, Young Blood, Veterans, and Strong principled American loving and supporting Congressional members. We really need to keep a good eye on the older ones left and especially any remaining RINOs. Everyone needs to keep in touch, contact their representatives and tell them what you want and what you expect them to do. They have to know we are watching and waiting to see results. Don’t think this is something that can’t be done, because it can. Remember they work for us, Remember it’s called the “Peoples House.”We all need to call them directly, talk to them and talk to their staff, Give them your name so they will remember it, Trust me they will after a number of calls. Also, don’t forget the Governor of your state, Make sure they are standing up for us also. Here in Texas, Abbott was not my first choice but he is all we had. So he better perform.

   We need to bring back this America to the country that we remember. The important issues that will make us better again (and I don’t mean “build back”.) The Economy, Crime, Law Enforcement, on and on. We need to see “Equal Justice” in the DOJ again. This department has gone too far Left and too far away from where it should be since the first term of Obama. During that term, The IRS was weaponized to target conservatives. The DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were deployed as “Targeters”- in Chief. fast forward to now, Heaven helps anyone that does not toe the line for Joe Biden (and those actually running the presidency) and his team.

   We all need to watch out If they can attempt to take down a past president like Donald J. Trump, Who did nothing but try to strengthen, Defend, Economically fortify, and right-side our nation. We might be next. We need to completely dismantle at the top and re-assemble the DOJ, FBI, and DOD. Our Military right now is a “Woke” disaster, A far cry from what Mr. Trump built just a few short years ago. We need to see criminal charges against many Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Hunter Biden, James Comey, Christopher Wray, John Brennan, and more.

   We need to dump everyone in charge at the Department of Education, Another “Woke” disaster. Parents need to be in charge of what their kids are learning and be able to fight back when they don’t like it. There should not be any Transgender bullshit or sexualization of children. Whatever happened to Reading, Writing, Math, and Science, and don’t even mention History, that is already gone. It all needs to come back to reality. No men in girls’ sports, only two bathrooms, and we only have two sexes, but you can’t tell that from what we see happening today.

   We need to kick China out of our country, They are too embedded in everything. They own too many American farmlands, too many buildings, and too many American businesses, They need to be all taken away, that would be a good use of our tax dollars, instead of what it is used for today, to buy them back and then outlaw any future purchases as I always thought it was.

   We need to punish China for the extremely purposeful event called Covid 19. They need to be taken down and put in their place. Their place is in China and Not in America. This current administration and the past Obama administration are too far into the pockets of China. This needs to be stopped and something is done for all past associations, This is nothing short of “Treason.”

   Well, I will be watching and doing my part, We all need to step up and move forward.

   More to come next time,

   Rick Rose

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