America is extremely lost right now and it needs to be found. This needs to be done before we go beyond the point of No Return. We are nearing in close to that right now. This whole globalist agenda put in place by Barack Obama starting back in 2008 was so in-depth and the “Deep State” located in the place to be assured to keep it there. He and his agenda had 8 years until 2016 to embed these criteria, It was then the turn of Hillary Clinton to continue this agenda for the next 8 years, which would bring us up to today, BUT, along came Donald J. Trump to “Disrupt” these idea’s, God Bless Us for that. Because if not we would right now Today be another Venezuela. You see Americans are spoiled and feel entitled, Well depending on how old you are will determine your outlook on this. The older crowd like me knows that what you have is what you have earned. You make your own place in life. The young punks (I may call them that) think that everything is given to them, This is somewhat the parents’ fault today because young people are not brought up today like they were in my day and it also has much to do with the progressive left government. That is the way they want it. They want you to be entitled, Not entitled to everything you want, just entitled to everything they want to supply for you. They want you to want everything given to you because that is Control. The progressive left wants total control. They want everlasting control of the government and America. Because that means an everlasting flow of cash into their bank accounts. You see they feel entitled also, and believe me “THEIR ENTITLEMENT” is a totally different thing than “YOUR ENTITLEMENT.” That’s a whole article on its own. So in order for them to gain that entitlement, they need to Control You. They need everlasting control of the government, meaning Never Another Fair Election in this country. That’s why the open border, that’s why the endless flow of illegal aliens to this country, It’s a numbers game, you see illegal aliens today to them Legal immigrants to them tomorrow. That is their endless supply of Democrat Voters Forever. They need to overwhelm our country with progressive voters who want everything given to them. That is why they have them coming in from countries where people have nothing because then they are happy with the little pittance given them. It’s the same with the young punks today in America, they also have not had a life of earning anything or growing anything so they are also happy with their Free Pittance, and also happy to vote Democrat to continue the flow of it.

   So, Something had to be done to eliminate Donald Trump and it was, You see Your Stupid, Well they think you are. So they can do whatever it takes to win. In this case, cheat, and change the rules in the middle of the game. Covid-19 was a “God Send” to them. Holy crap “We can change the rules and get done whatever we want,” “We Win,” and they did (also another article.)

   So Joe Biden was reborn, another third term for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and controlled by George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, the insane Bill Gates, and more. You can’t really think this guy is running things, do you? So tear down and destroy Everything Mr. Trump had built and put in place, Because “Orange Man Bad.”

   Donald Trump was the END of their government ownership and control, Not just the Progressive Democrats but also the RINOs (Republicans in name only) who are in Washington to become and stay rich. After all their original jobs as Doctors or lawyers could never be so lucrative. Look, I love old people for their intelligence of a lifetime. But Not running a government. We have 90-year-olds in there running things and voting on what is right for you. Let’s ponder that for a moment, That means if they entered office when they were in their 30s, that would be around the time I was born to about 5 years old. So their recollection and normality of things are from the 1950s. I think things have changed since then. That’s why the new era of conservatives that are mostly veterans is so important to our future. these guys are going into office in their 30s with the right perception of things today and they are 30 years younger than me, with a long time to continue to grow our democracy along the lines of the U.S. Constitution the way our forefathers designed it.

   Now it is a totally different view from the left, as the young whippersnappers coming in to take over are chosen by and coming in “Groomed” by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the bunch so they are coming in to continue the insanity and ready to get rich, not to better this America for you. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a net worth of $29 million today, She was a bartender in New York City a few years ago when Pelosi found her. Ilhan Omar who in my opinion doesn’t even belong in the American government at all has a net wealth of $3 million in just a few short years. Learning the ropes well, I’d say. Rashida Tlaib who also should not be there has a Net Worth of $800k to $1 Million, and Ayanna Pressley has an estimated net worth of $1 million as a politician. Way to go kids.

   This all needs to stop NOW, This next election cycle will be a New Beginning for our American Democracy or it will be the End of it Forever, PERIOD!! The Presidential election of 2024 will determine our future. It needs to go with the Republicans and then we continue to make changes and grow constitutionally, or it goes to the progressive Democrats and “Say Goodbye,” Because this America is Gone and Forgotten, Lost Forever. PERIOD!! Never ever another fair election.

   Till Next time,

   Rick Rose

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