I was going to lay off and stay away from politics one issue but really it all comes Full Circle and politics is always around and involved everywhere.

   Nascar stock car racing is really the only sport that I like and enjoy anymore, All other sports have mucked everything up with being so Woke, and everything has to be racist and stupid millionaires playing games have to open their big traps and get involved by disrespecting their own country and flag by kneeling and not removing their hats and putting their hands over their heart during this Nation’s National Anthem. Football went down, Baseball went down, Basketball went down, and Now even the most Patriotic Redneck Sport, NASCAR is going downhill very quickly. This is the only sport in the world left that at each race you have a Prayer Invocation to God, Flag Bearers, the National Anthem, a Military Jet Flyover, and a speedway full of Rednecks, what could be better and more American.

   First of all NASCAR itself has gone Weak with all the stupid rules over the last ten years or so, I understand certain rules and changes that make it safer and sometimes better as we don’t want any drivers killed but they have taken it to an extreme, especially in the last few years with crazy stupid rules, penalties, and fines for the drivers and owners both.

   It all really got stupid downhill when Bubba (Bubbles) Wallace two years ago had to bring BLM into this, sporting his T-Shirt, Not recognizing our flag, and Oh Ya, making a huge deal about a noose in his garage that actually turned out to be a garage door pull that all 40 garage doors have on them. It took a huge FBI contingent to figure this out and they can’t even find out that Hunter Biden left his Cocaine in the White House.

   Bubbles complained about the Confederate flags in the audience, well how did you ever get started in a sport that originated in the south from Redneck running Moonshine in fast cars where everyone has a confederate flag flying and on their shirts, hats, and stickers on their cars. Well, they tried to outlaw that at the tracks but didn’t work well or for too long as the Flags just became more shirts and hats emblazoned with the logo. Then NASCAR had to give in to the pressure so as to Not lose All the support from fans, No Fans, No Sport.

   Then there is Brandon Brown with his very small BrandonBuilt Motorsports a small family one-car operation and a guy that just wanted to race so he and his father built the company and built the car and had the credibility and money to buy into the sport. Well, Brandon is gone, and not because of anything he did but just a circumstance beyond his control when he was being interviewed on TV by ESPN and reporting with a headset on and not hearing clearly stated that the audience was shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” when in actuality they were shouting “Fuck Joe Biden.” So the Phrase was born! Well this sport is mostly enjoyed by Conservatives and Republicans who love this country, you would think that he would be able to get monstrous sponsorship and support, well he did from a crypto company called LGB (Let’s Go Brandon) Coin. Well, that was tossed out and not approved by NASCAR, and then what little support this small team had became No support and washed out of the sport at least for now. Just wait, I’m hoping to be able to call him up and throw in my company’s support to start him up again and see my company logo on a car, But we will see.

   Let’s think back to when this sport and its drivers where Real Men. Shit, crashing and running cars off the track was just “real racing.” The “Intimidator” Dale Earnhardt Sr. once crashed and was out of his car they had loaded it on a flatbed tow truck and he just asked, Does it still run? when the answer was “yes,” He said “Well take it off the truck.” and then went back to racing. Heck, If you run your car into Dale, Oh well, and If Dale ran into you it was just racing. David Pearson was known to drive his car while drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette. Those were the days of Real Men in Race Cars.

   Crap, They would drive by each other at 220 miles an hour and throw the bird at you. Now you just think the wrong way and get penalized and fined. Not to mention that top speed is now down to maybe 205 miles per hour on a Super Speedway due to Restrictor Plate racing.

   OK, I’ll come down from my pedestal for a moment and we’ll see you next time.

More to Come!

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