Regardless of whether a suspect is named, the U.S. Secret Service is anticipated to wrap up its investigation into a bag of cocaine found in the West Wing early next week, a federal law enforcement official told CNN.

   “As of Thursday afternoon, investigators had yet to receive results of the DNA or fingerprint analysis but had already begun reviewing visitor logs and security camera footage. This timeline reflects the current progress of the investigation, but law enforcement investigations are fluid and that timeline could shift,” CNN reported.

   “The official reiterated that it may be difficult to identify a culprit given how many people walk through the entrance near where the bag of cocaine was found. CNN previously reported that cocaine was found in a cubby near the ground floor entrance to the West Wing where staff-led tours of the White House pass through on their way into the building. Those tours typically only occur on weekends,” the outlet added.

   The U.S. Secret Service found an “unknown item” late on Sunday, which led to the evacuation of the White House grounds. A person with knowledge of the situation confirmed on Wednesday that laboratory testing for the material discovered in the White House on Sunday was cocaine.

   Secret Service units blocked off roads around the President’s official residence, while a DC Fire Department hazmat team was dispatched to the location to investigate. All road closures have now been lifted, the spokesperson confirmed.

   On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre ducked and dodged questions about the cocaine discovery and the investigation into the situation.

   Below is a transcript of just one exchange:

   Reporter: “Just clarify for us, where exactly inside the West Wing the substance was discovered?”

   Jean-Pierre: “I’m not going to get into specifics. What I can say is, when people visit the West Wing, there is an — there is the area of the West Wing where it is highly traveled, and that is what happens. People come through this particular area, it’s highly traveled, I’m just not going to get into specifics. I’m not going to get into — not going to get ahead of the Secret Service, and so, I’ll let them speak to that.”

   Reporter: “There are a couple of primary entrances into the West Wing, there’s the one which we’re all familiar, right outside of the driveway, where the Marine stands when the president is in the West Wing. And there’s another entrance off West Executive Avenue. Can you explain which — which entrance we’re talking about?”

   Jean-Pierre: “I’m going to let the Secret Service speak to that.”

   Reporter: “Can you explain why — you can’t explain it. I mean, you’ve described it as a heavily traveled area.”

   Jean-Pierre: “That’s what the Secret — I’m just saying what the Secret Service said. We got this from the Secret Service. So I’m sharing a little bit more with you from here, but again, it’s under their purview. It’s under investigation. They will — they will have more specifics down the road as they are looking into this. We are confident that they will get to the bottom of this. And so, I’m just going to leave it to them.”

   Reporter: “The substance was discovered late on Sunday. What’s the latest staff-led tours that happened in the West Wing on Sunday?”

   Jean-Pierre: “You know, I don’t have the specific on how late the staff tours — staff-led tours go, but I can tell you that there was one on Friday, there was one on Saturday, there was one on Sunday. The times that they are not any West Wing tours is when there is a federal holiday, like yesterday, or a big White House, a large White House event. I just don’t have the specifics. Let’s — let’s let the Secret Service get to the bottom of this. They’ll have more, hopefully, more information, and we have confidence that they will be able to figure this all out. So, going to give them the space to do that.”


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