The House needs to open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, and if the allegations contained in the FBI’s FD-1023 document concerning a bribery scheme involving him, his son Hunter Biden, and a Ukrainian energy official prove to be true, “he should be prosecuted, and he should go to jail,” Sen. Ted Cruz tells Newsmax.

   “I have called for [Homeland Security Secretary] Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached,” the Texas Republican told Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “I’ve called for the House to move forward on impeaching [Attorney General] Merrick Garland. And I think with Joe Biden, it depends on what the evidence proves.”

   Last week, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, released the form that documents an FBI confidential human source telling an agent that while Biden was vice president, he, his son, and Burisma energy giant CEO Mykola Zlochevsky had arranged a deal for a $10 million payment, to be split between the two Bidens, in exchange for policy decisions.

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   This allegedly included the removal of former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who had been investigating Burisma, which employed Hunter Biden, over reports of tax evasion, money laundering, and corruption.

   “If you read the FD-1023, the FBI report that details the allegations from the confidential human source, if those allegations are true, then Joe Biden, as the sitting vice president, solicited and received a multibillion-dollar bribe from a foreign national in exchange for official favors as vice president of the United States,” said Cruz. “If that’s true, he is guilty of bribery and, of course, he should be impeached and removed from office.”

   He stressed that at this point, the claims in the FD-1023 report are “merely allegations” and “we don’t know if those allegations are true, [as] they are merely allegations.”

   But the House, Cruz said, “needs to investigate it.”

   “If they’re proven to be true, he should be impeached,” the senator said. “He should be prosecuted, and he should go to jail. I will say this: The evidence keeps mounting up, and every day it looks worse and worse and worse for Joe Biden’s direct culpability in official corruption.”

   Cruz further pointed out that the White House’s story on Biden’s involvement with his son’s overseas business deals has “dramatically changed.”

   “What the White House has said is Joe Biden has never discussed his business dealings with Hunter,” said Cruz. “Has never discussed, never discussed, never discussed. That’s what they said over and over and over and over again.”

   Hunter Biden’s former business associate, Devon Archer, is to testify to the House that President Biden “discussed it over two dozen times, including talking repeatedly with these oligarchs who were paying Hunter, so the White House has realized it had a problem,” said Cruz.

   “So yesterday when [press secretary] Karine Jean-Pierre was asked, she said, ‘I have answered this question 1,000 times. I’m going to tell you the exact same thing I’ve said every time before,'” Cruz told Bolling.

   “She said Joe Biden was never in business with Hunter Biden,” he continued. “Now mind you, that’s not what she said every time before. What she said before is Joe Biden never talked to Hunter about his business deals. Last night, they tried to flip it too: ‘Well, he wasn’t in business with Hunter. They weren’t formally partners.'”

   And that, Cruz said, was an attempt to run away from their repeated lies that he never discussed the corrupt overseas business deals with Hunter because the House is hearing testimony this week that Joe Biden did, many, many times.

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