Florida Governor Ron DeSantis seemed to be driving the roller coaster full of GOP candidates for awhile, but lately seems to be losing steam in the shadows of fiery Niki Haley and charismatic Vivek Ramaswamy.

   I personally believe his problem is, he tries too hard to copy his one time mentor who helped him get elected, our 45th President, Donald J. Trump. He copies Trump’s clothing, his speech patterns, his agenda, his policies, and even his stage makeup.

   There is also a little bit of JFK nostalgia thrown in, with his gorgeous brunette wife in vintage dresses waving demurely beside him, holding their perfect little children like a Kennedy tableau vivant of American nostalgia.

   It just feels like America sees through his act, and wonders… why? He is a good looking, all American, baseball playing educated Veteran who did a good job as the Governor of Florida. He and Casey are so boy and girl next door, I bet their house smells like hot dogs and apple pie. You just have to ask yourself why, when there is so much there to run on, does he copy everyone else… especially his arch nemesis?

   What people fail to realize, time and time again, is… Americans do not want remakes of classic movies. Americans don’t want a new recipe for a Whopper or a Big Mac. Americans do not want a green energy Mustang. Over and over, Americans refuse the whole ‘new and improved’ gimmick when you try to change something we consider iconic… and whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit Donald Trump is an American icon, from New York to Vegas to Hollywood to DC, to his current street cred earned in Atlanta. He is a National Treasure, rivaled only by Elvis Presley, and honestly, he probably has surpassed the King himself at this point.

   Somebody needs to tell Governor DeSantis that Donald Trump is Coca Cola classic, while he is just New Coke with flavoring added… and I don’t mean the kind found at the White House these days. That kind of coke is definitely the Bidens.

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