I have to start out this writing going back to my last article on the “Wokeness of Nascar,” because of great readers and friends who will let me know when I miss something or leave something Important out. Well that is what happened after last publication. When I mentioned that even though NASCAR is starting to go WOKE, I did say it was still the only Patriotic sport remaining, and that made me an unthinking bad Texan for a brief moment as I forgot Rodeo, My good friend and musician Doc Williams from Bandera brought this to my attention in a direct message. Also I recieved an email from a reader that I never met, Here is a copy of the email:

   My wife and l just returned from Bandera for 4 days of visiting friends. Picked up your Aug/Sept ‘23 issue and found it very agreeable. Your ‘Letter from the Editor’ by Rick caught my attention. Woke is everywhere and sad to see it in our favorite sport of all venues. I have stoped watching all sports except ‘one’, good old Western Rodeo. Prayer, flag bearing, National Anthem and an arena full of patriot’s you will find there.

Bill Strickler
Mason, TX

   So you see we read all communication sent to us from our fine readers, We enjoy your input and in many cases will make changes and discuss different things to bring you, the reader what you are looking for. Because it is all about our readers and without you letting us know what we are doing right and what we are lacking in we don’t know if we are reaching the full extent of our audience, So we thank you for emailing and keeping in touch and always continue to read “Texas Rider and Music News Magazine.”

   So, while still on the subject I have another itch to scratch about NASCAR and its administative rule changes. This was experienced in the last few months leading up to the playoffs, mostly on road courses when they bring in these open wheel “Ringers” from Indy car and allow them to take the win away from a full time cup driver and in the case of Shane Van Gisbergen at the Chicago street race and keep a cup driver from locking in to the playoffs just weeks before. It’s atrocious and shouldn’t happen, The same thing happened although they didn’t win, at COTA and Watkins Glen. These guys even though they are qualified professionals need to stay in their own divisions or they need to come over to NASCAR full time in the normal owner hiring process and Not just come in to a race here and there as Ringers and Spoilers. This whole thing is about the money and because of NASCAR’s desire to be world wide. This and everything else (and I am not even mentioning “Bubbles”) will be the total downfall of the Greatest Redneck activity.

   So now we move on to the Border Crisis, Oh have the Democrats recently called it a “crisis,” I’m shocked because I thought it was a “challenge.” So for over two and a half years Texas has seen literally thousands of “Illegal Aliens” coming over the border into our cities, towns and backyards Every Day! The official number being touted is 7 million, That’s BullShit. The actual number of Illegals coming into this country in the last few years is actually topping 16 million non american speaking asylum seeking criminals. This is outrageous and never should have happened, Governor Abbott should have stepped up in calling an “invasion of state” long ago instead of just talking about it.

   But, back to Biden and the Obama cronies actually running this administration. So Sanctuary cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, are now complaining and speaking out because they have a few thousand illegal aliens sleeping on their streets, not to mention the ones in high end hotels and in apartments and rooms that were meant for homeless veterans who are now again homeless and left on the street while their states local taxpayers flip the bill. They are screaming at the top of their lungs to Joe Biden to NOW do something because it is in their front yard. I’m even hearing New York City Mayor Eric Adams yelling to close the border, What a profound idea. They should have been listening to all of us in Texas and Me and Lincoln as we have been stating the “captain obvious” for years. New York is the sanctuary city that welcomed the first couple of buses with 55 people on them with open arms, ham sandwiches with chips, XBoxes and big screen tv’s. Now reality has set in when they see what Texas has seen for three years on a daily basis. Now they want federal help, you know what that means, federal taxpayers all across the country are going to pay for the comfort of illegal criminals and ungrateful aliens who didn’t come here to work as immigrants happily did years ago like my grandparents, No they just want free health care, loaded debit cards, clothes, food, a place to live, drivers licenses, welfare checks and Yes to eventually VOTE, WTF and all on the middle class’ dime.

   Then, don’t get me talking about “GoBrandon,” OK you talked me into it. Joe Biden is so corrupt and treasonist to this republic and the fact that the Obama administration started the deep state as we know it today and the DOJ, FBI and CIA are able to collapse the scales of justice, remember the blindfold, there is a hole in it.

   There is only justice in the criminal system if you are democrat and oh yeah, thought some of you democrats reading this thought I was talking to you and you are protected, No, the rest of the criteria is you have to have clout, a famous name like Biden, Clinton, Gore, Even Kennedy doesn’t work today otherwise they are coming after YOU also. They own the mainstream media NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, on and on, they are an extended arm of the DNC who will only tell you what they want you to know as they are instructed with their daily talking points. They actually can no longer win an election without cheating and they are very good at it. That is the one thing I will comend the democrats of, they know how to align as one, circle the wagons, stick together and publicly agree even when they really don’t. The Republicans cannot do that, this is a major problem and they need to be able to come together as one for the good of this America, otherwise it will be lost forever. If this is the only place you get your news and information you have to diversify yourself for your own good, in addition to them please also check out other informative cable networks and many of the very good real online media sources including our magazine websites at RiderandMusicNews.com and BikerPolitialReport.com.

   The Biden criminal family will stop at nothing to benefit themselves and to destroy the country in its path. They do not love or care about this country, They only care about their wallets and bank accounts that means loving and helping China. They have criminalized the DOJ to politicaly stop their current opponent only because they think it is the only way they can stop him from winning and keeping him from excerting revenge for what they have done to him and this republic, but unfortunately this is a huge backfire. We The People have to stand and not allow this to happen. Hunter Biden has been given many a passes and they don’t even try to hide it, this is how corrupt and certain of their power they are. The laptop alone that has been in the posession of the FBI for years would have you and I in jail for life with the evidence in its contents. They think now that because Hunter is now indicted with 3 crimes on gun charges it will take away from the real treason money crimes that Hunter and father Joe, “The Big Guy” are guilty of. Did I mention that the democrats are now pro 2nd ammendment? Yeah, in the last few days of writing this article I’ve been watching

the news and all the interviews I see of democrats about the Hunter indictments is, “it’s only gun charges,” “no big deal, nothing to see here,” “it’s just a gun thing, nothing to do with the president,” If this was a republican being indicted they would be saying “see we told you so,” and be yelling for more Gun Control laws. They will not stop until they can come knock on your door and demand you turn over all your firearms, this can’t and will not happen, at least not in Texas.

   Mark my words today, Nothing will happen to Hunter Biden, He will get off with a fine or something very easy, There won’t even be a felony conviction on his record or they will actually go back to the immunity deal that was once offered when they got caught in the act, but it will be just changed up and worded better so it will fly with them. We’ll see.

   I will always have something to talk and communicate about here in the future because of all the nonsensical bull shit going on with the left’s tyranny. What we are experiencing right now is not like the old American political revolution, The Dems are making this like the French revolution, a 24/7 Cultural, Economic, Social Revolution. We see statues tumble, create new genders, rename buildings and streets because of so called racism. They have weaponized the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the IRS. The Democrats have to acheive control & influence to create what they call Equality, which just translates to a One World Order and America Last, Remember the Obama world wide apology tour.

   This upcoming election in 2024 is the “final battle,” I will not claim authority to that as it is the name of a great book by David Horowitz and you must read it. It will detail with proof how if republicans lose this upcoming election there will never be a real and fair election ever again in
America. Democrat socialists will then overcome and America will be a communist country just like many other 3rd world countries have experienced.

   I will end with a few of my own predictions about Joe Bidens future and we will see how they come out. I actually believe that it is a 50/50 percentage that Biden will actually complete this entire presidential term. I also suggest there is a 90% chance that Biden will NOT be the Democrat
nominee for the presidential race in 2024.

   Like I said in the beginning, it is always great to hear from our readers so please do continue to write, email or message us so we know how we are doing and how you feel about our publication and what we do for the community at large.

   So America and Texas, Continue on.

Until Next Time,
Rick Rose

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