We have all gotten very used to Kamala Harris’s ridiculous word salads, goofy giggles, and ceaseless cackling over the past few the years. Her childish, boorish, trashy behavior is rivaled only by Biden’s bumbling, dated, tone deaf stupidity for the greatest embarrassment America has ever suffered.  

   A lot of liberal media hacks claim that Kamala laughs like a hyena because public speaking makes her nervous. Unfortunately, that doesn’t explain her behavior in the crowd at Ground Zero during this year’s 9/11 ceremony.

   What was supposed to be one of the most serious days of remembrance in America became a moment of immature silliness for Vice President Kamala Harris who was caught on camera laughing and making ridiculous faces while waiting for New York’s 9/11 memorial service to begin… in stark contrast to the serious contemplative countenance of New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams standing beside her. He honestly looked embarrassed by her behavior.

   Video from the event shows the vice president standing alongside Mayor Eric Adams and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg while chatting away, at some points smiling and giggling during pre-ceremony chatter. She also was fidgety, appearing to scan the crowd for people looking at her, in a spectacle of inappropriateness that I would compare to a toddler crawling under the church pews during a funeral.

   I can’t decide what is worse… Kamala showing up to the ceremony acting like a complete jackass with no manners, or Biden choosing to not show up at all. This year was the first year the American President wasn’t at Ground Zero on 9/11… he chose instead to go to Alaska and lie his ass off about being there when it happened… even though God and everybody knows that Congress met that day and he was heavily documented at being in Washington at the time.


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