This week, Speaker of the House McCarthy announced impeachment inquiries into Biden, and the cheers of MAGA could be heard throughout the land… but me? While I am glad to see his corrupt bullshit being exposed to the light of day, I kind of felt a cold shiver of foreboding, too. Impeaching Traitor Joe would mean the same thing as reelecting him…. We wind up with his insurance policy, Cackling Kamala, running our country.

   When Kamala Harris became the first female Vice President of the United States, I tried, as a woman, to be even a little bit proud and supportive of her. But, she has been nothing but a caricature. From her nauseating plagiarized ‘fweedom’ anecdotes to her wheels on the bus go round and round word salads, she has proven herself to be nothing more than a moronic token, bypassing even Maxine Waters with being a joke to the black community and and embarrassment to  all females, from Trumpettes to Gloria Steinem.  She talks to the American people like they are special ed first graders, and she has done literally nothing since being in office. She likes to whine that its because she’s female, or because she is black or brown or Indian or Asian or whatever color she is claiming to be today… but its not. She has been handed several major issues to deal with and she hasn’t done a damned thing with any of it. Her flaccid and stupid and lackadaisical approach to the now open order has caused the biggest mess in American history. Our so called border czar has completely ignored the fact that illegal aliens are acting like Black Lives Matter protesters, and America is just one big Dollar Store to them, and our resources are now basically stolen tv sets and hair weaves. 

   Plus,  Kamala is extremely racist. Six months of her in the highest office in the land would probably have us paying reparations and white people swinging from trees.

   We all know Democrats have cheapened the meaning of impeachment in current times, by using it for frivolous attacks in their ‘get Trump’ shenanigans… but in truth, impeachment can still have lasting, permanent consequences on our country. An impeachment of Biden means our future rests on the backs of Senators Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin and Mark Kelly… if they vote against their party as they have done in the past, in an impeachment.  As bad as Joe is… Kamala would be way worse. We need to use our votes, and ensure fair and honest elections, to get rid of Joe, because wielding the sword of impeachment will be cutting off our noses to spite our faces.


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