Former President Donald Trump sought to capitalize on the United Auto Workers strike, calling for their votes and rebuking President Joe Biden’s “electric car scam.”

   “The United Autoworkers are being sold down the ‘drain’ with this all electric car scam,” Trump posted Sunday on Truth Social. “They’ll be made in China, under Crooked Joe’s China First policy. Autoworkers, vote for Trump — I’ll make you victorious & rich.”

   UAW President Shawn Fain rejected talk about being a rubber stamp on an endorsement for Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

   “We expect action, not words,” Fain told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, adding the endorsement has to be “earned.”

   Trump tried to do just that Sunday, albeit appealing to the worker and not the union bosses.

   “If your ‘leaders’ won’t endorse me, vote them out of office, now,” Trump’s statement continued. “With the Democrats & Crooked Joe calling the shots, you’ll be jobless & penniless within 4 years.”

   Fain is demanding pay increases commensurate with the auto company CEOs.

   “The reason we ask for 40% pay increases is because in the last four years alone, the CEO pay went up 40%,” Fain told “Face the Nation.”

   “They’re already millionaires.

   “Our demands are just. We’re asking for our fair share in this economy and the fruits of our labor.”

   Trump is asking for the autoworkers to back him over Biden.

   “Remember, Biden is a crook who has been paid millions of dollars by China, & others,” Trump’s statement concluded. “He is a Manchurian candidate!!!”

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