This morning, I got an email from the Epoch Times about the CDC, saying America has a surging obesity problem, with 22 states tipping the scale. Yesterday, I got one from someone reporting that the Olive Garden and Cracker Barrel are saying senior citizens aren’t eating out anymore, and blaming Covid…. Its not Covid causing the food and weight
issues… its the liberal agendas.

   People are gaining weight right now because of two reasons.  One, is the media is pushing lardass as beautiful and perfect. Every day I see someone bragging on Lizzo or Kim Kardashian’s huge asses. Little girls are being taught that fat is IN… and the ‘no body shaming’ crowd scream that the healthier people are ‘just jealous’ of the muffin tops and bubble butts that are demanding two seats on airplanes and two Big Macs instead of one.

   But the second reason is the REAL thing…. And that is, we can’t AFFORD healthy food in Biden’s economy. Everyone is surviving on pasta and bread and  pre packaged crap because the cost of groceries exceeds everyone’s budget so much, we can’t afford fresh meats and fruits and vegetables.

   This is the same reason old people aren’t eating out anymore…. We are relieved to be able to afford Ramen or Chef Boyardee these days. Never ending salads and Cracker Barrel breakfast are a distant memory to people on fixed incomes. Biden likes to brag on himself for a little over 8% COLA last year, acting like he was helping the old and disabled; but in truth, the cost of living went up about five times that.  

   They think teens need $15 an hour to survive but nobody mentions the thousands of Americans who live on $1000 a month or less being on the edge of starvation eating mac and cheese every day… and don’t even get me started on those illegals.

   America’s  new Biden belly is NOT because we are all thriving and eating too much… its more like the bloated death bellies on Sally Struther’s starving little Ethiopian babies on the commercials in the 80s.  Don’t worry CDC… by the time Biden is gone, you will be seeing our ribs, as we lay around the yard with flies on our eyeballs.


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