Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called President Joe Biden “selfish” for continuing to run for a second term but also warned Republican voters that they should “assume” the Democrat party will run someone else in 2024.

   DeSantis made the comments during a town hall with Newsmax on Monday from Urbandale, Iowa. The Republican Iowa caucus begins in less than two months, on Jan. 15.

   DeSantis has said Republicans have a similar issue running front-runner and former president Donald Trump in 2024. Biden turned 81 on Monday and Trump is 77.

   “Clearly, Biden should not be running again,” DeSantis said. “I think he’s very selfish what he’s doing. Look, the age is part of it, but if you look at where he was four years ago to now, he’s in decline. … He’s totally lost a step. It’s a daily embarrassment.”

   DeSantis then implied that Biden might not be the end game for Democrats.

   “If Biden decides to keep running, if we run a candidate that can make that generational contrast an issue, that’s gonna be a huge benefit for us,” he said. “On the flip side, if we run someone that’s pushing 80, and they decide to go someone in the next generation, I think that gives them an advantage in terms of electability.”

   DeSantis then warned Iowa voters they have to keep in mind the 2024 Democrat candidate could be Vice President Kamala Harris or California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

   “I think that the Democrats know the age is a big issue with voters,” he said. “I think they want someone else. But they also know they can’t just push him aside, he’s got to agree, he’s the sitting president.

   “Republican voters, you should assume that it may not be Biden.”

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