This week there is yet another modern day rain dance climate conference going on in Dubai… and of course, old one cheek sneak away from being a Democrat John Kerry got in his gas guzzling jet and went over there to preach and scream and blow hot air about the imaginary climate change crisis. That jet of his wasn’t the only thing polluting the air, though. During his rant about coal plant emissions, a giant fart sound can be heard.. a fart so loud it isn’t even drowned out by applause. CNN Dubai’s Becky Anderson was seated next to him and she looked at him when he did it, then put her hand over her face, either masking a laugh or a smell… we can never know for sure.

   This is not the first recent gaseous expulsion from America’s so called leaders on the world stage recently. Eric Swallwell is always fartin’ like a mule in interviews then blaming it on a chair or a coffee cup.. He probably does more damage to the ozone layer than all the cows in California combined. He needs to stay away from them Senate beans in the cafeteria… I just don’t even know how Fang Fang puts up with him. He looks like the Dutch oven type, too.

   And of course, there is our beloved Crapper in Chief. The Democrats have been trying desperately to hide the fact that Joe Biden is in rapid mental and physical decline, ever since the election. The thing is though, its reaching a point where they can no longer keep the door shut on the outhouse where they keep their geriatric poopy puppet pawn locked away from public view.

   Since he IS the sitting President, they have to let him walk by a camera and read a speech now and then…. And those are the times they can’t control what comes out of his mouth.. or his other end.

   He slips up often with comments about how he will ‘get in trouble’ if he doesn’t follow the script… and we can’t help wondering.. who exactly tells the leader of the free world what to do? But now they have a bigger, stinkier problem to hide than what comes out of his mouth. In recent months, it seems like almost every time he appears in public, he is trying to tell us about the Shart of the Deal. It isn’t exactly new news that not all of his gaffs are coming out of the top end of his body… during the 2020 campaign he cut a loud, nasty, eyebrow raising fart during a live interview with Governor Tom Wolf. But, it truly seems like more and more often he is spilling shit out of other places than his pie hole… and this is probably indicative of the fact that he has no more control over his mind than he does his bowels.

   Now, I love potty humor more than anyone… however, gaseous fecal matter is NOT something I want to think about regarding the President of the United States. So often we heard how Trump wasn’t ‘presidential material.’ So, why aren’t they howling about a President who walks up to reporters and yells something that sounds like ‘My butt’s been wiped?’

   Of course, the media and Snopes keep on trying to to wipe up the messes he makes… they say all of his bathroom issues are ‘unproven’… there has even been situations of mysterious poops appearing in random places in the White House, and they used the well worn excuse that ‘the dog did it.’ Now, I don’t know for sure who the mystery pooper was… but if I had to decide whether to believe they came from a geriatric serial farter or two adult German Shepherds handled by the Secret Service? Well, that sounds to me like somebody is talking out of their rear end.

Now, not only is he ass blasting all over the media and the White House, but it also appears he is now sharing his rectal essence with various world leaders same as John Kerry did. An interview with Boris Johnson was cut off mid sentence after a loud fart noise reverberated from Biden’s general direction. After Boris gave him side eyes and a reporter blurted out on a hot mike ‘Did he just shit?’ The press pool was immediately shuffled right out the door. I can’t help thinking that Boris claiming Biden is a ‘breath of fresh air’… was definitely sarcasm.

Then we have that visit with the Pope that presented yet another little turd in the punchbowl. The American media oozed praise on the uncommonly long meeting with the pontificating pontiff… where allegedly he patted Joe on the head and told him he was a good boy who deserved a communion cookie for murdering unborn babies. However, reports from Rome claimed that the media was banned and the meeting ran long because Biden crapped himself while at the Vatican. I find it pretty easy to believe he pooped on the Pope. I mean, he craps on everyone else every day.

Perhaps the most ironic gas that has flown from the buttcheeks from the current Commander in Chief also happened during a huge climate change meeting between world leaders. They all flew their dozens of jets and rode in their endless parades of big ass pollution burping vehicles to Glasgow, to pretend to save our planet from imaginary climate problems. The big topic at this climate change meeting was, controlling emissions of methane gasses. Now, we all saw Biden literally sleeping through portions of the meeting… and I guess maybe he slept through the part about controlling your methane. That evening, as he and Jill met with then Duchess Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, who is now the Queen of England… ol Joe decided it would be okay to greet her with a giant, loud long donkey sized burst of methane emitted from his own reverberating ass cheeks. Duchess Camilla was shocked, and told everyone what happened. So then, we had the American media calling her a liar and Snopes claiming it was unproven. First of all, why would she lie about something like that? And secondly, what kind of proof do they require? Do they think she kept his shit streaked drawers as a souvenir? Who do they think she is? Monica Lewinsky?

I could rant on this shitty subject all day… but I won’t. Its no wonder that the whole wide world thinks America is full of shit these days. We already knew that ‘climate change’ is a bunch of hot air out that came out of their butts.. we don’t need Biden and Kerry bringing audible proof of it to conferences. I will say this though. When it comes to admitting Joe Biden its unfit for office, it’s past time for some people to shit or get off the pot…. And that’s no shit.


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