We always consider ourselves more informed, more fortunate, more educated than prior generations, due to our access to the internet and more information. I’ve noticed that more and more these days, this is actually a false sense of informed security.

   AI is now writing articles, which of course can be manipulated to bias. Unbiased journalism is totally a thing of the past. These days the news consists of Jerry Springer arguing, name calling and outright lying… and this past week we dealt with an even larger issue… trying to find the debates.

   When I was a child, all debates were aired on all major news stations. This made sure that the whole American public had access to all the information, and all the candidates speaking… to make educated decisions on who to vote for. That is no longer the case. As a political writer, i am subscribed to almost all the main streaming apps on my tv… and I just could not find the latest Republican debate on any of them. It seems like every de ate or speech involves subscribing to a new app to be able to view it… and these toll booths popping up on the information highway discourages people from even trying to watch what is going on.

   I believe debates should still be broadcasted on all major networks… it should not be a gamble for us to be able to see where the candidates stand, nor should it be a Super Bowl Commercial style contest between networks over who gets to air it and who doesn’t. This style of debating makes it so easy for liberal media and social platforms to cherry pick and control what they want us to hear and feel and know…. Effectively turning the debates and elections into controlled propaganda the likes of which would impress Hitler himself.


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