Former President Donald Trump contrasted his successful economic policies with those of President Joe Biden during a rally in New Hampshire on Sunday, promising an “instant economic boom” once he takes office should he win next year’s election.

   He also predicted that the U.S. would suffer through another “Great Depression” should Biden win another four-year term, according to Breitbart News.

   “The next economic boom will begin the instant the world knows that Crooked Joe Biden is gone and Donald J. Trump has won four more years as president of the United States,” Trump told supporters in Durham, N.H.

   “Powered by the momentum of our historic victory, by Christmas next year, the economy will be roaring back, energy prices will be plummeting, and the hordes of people charging across our border will have ended—the invasion will have stopped,” he added, according to an advance copy of his speech obtained by the outlet.

   “The Biden administration is running on the fumes of the great success of the Trump administration—without us, this thing would have crashed to levels never seen before, and if we are not elected, we’ll have a depression very much like the Depression of 1929,” he said.

   He also lashed out at Biden for presiding over “a three-year inflation rate of over 20 percent,” historically high gas prices, and elevated interest rates that the Federal Reserve raised to combat the inflation.

   “While the stock market is making the rich richer, Biden’s inflation catastrophe is demolishing your savings and ravaging your dreams,” the 45th president said.

   “Not one thing has gotten better under Crooked Joe Biden,” he will add. “Under the Trump administration, you were better off, your family was better off, your neighbors were better off, your communities were better off, and our country was better off.” 

   He also ripped Biden over “plans to obliterate the Trump tax cuts” while lashing out at his GOP competitors, whom he said “cannot be trusted on taxes, trade, or anything else.” 

   Meanwhile, the poll numbers for Biden continue to plummet. In early November, New York Times/Siena College  polls indicated that Trump was leading in four of the six swing states; however, additional signs of Biden’s electoral danger quickly surfaced. The president’s advantage over Trump in head-to-head matches is decreasing.

   In all but two of the most recent polls conducted this month by 13 different pollsters, Biden’s standing is lower than it was in their earlier surveys.

   Additionally, Trump has begun to gather momentum even though polls indicate that the majority of the movement is coming from voters who are switching from Biden to Trump, even though they may still remain undecided.

   Now, more than at any other time in the previous year, Trump has a larger vote share, according to the average national poll.

   The data at the state level is equally impressive. Apart from the polls conducted by the New York Times and Siena, over the past seven days, additional surveys have indicated that Trump is leading by 8 points in Arizona and 5 points in Michigan.

   A number of factors, including the emergence of independent and third-party candidates who have the potential to deflect votes from both Biden and Trump, the onset of war in the Middle East, and Biden’s recent decline and political predicament approximately 11 months before Election Day, indicate that Biden is losing ground to both Trump and dependable Democratic constituencies.

   In addition, the results of an even more recent NBC News poll were startling: Trump defeated Biden 46 percent to 42 percent of voters under the age of 35.

   While that was well within the wide margin of error for such a small subgroup, other polls indicate a tight race with a Democratic constituency that has historically been dependable. In surveys conducted this month by Quinnipiac University (Biden +9), Fox News (Biden +7), and Morning Consult (Biden +2), Biden’s leads among voters aged 18 to 34 were all in the single digits. (Trump prevailed over Biden in all four voter surveys.)

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