Rotzo, Italy – A tragic incident unfolded in the town of Rotzo, Italy, as Andrea Mazzetto, a 30-year-old Italian man, met a fatal end while attempting to retrieve a dropped cellphone. Mazzetto and his girlfriend, Sara Bragante, were enjoying a hike on Altar Knotto, a well-known rock formation in their hometown. Little did they know that this outing would turn into a heart-wrenching tragedy.

   The couple had been avid social media users, regularly posting about their adventures on Instagram. Prior to the tragic incident, Mazzetto had updated his nearly 2,500 followers on the progress of their hike. Moments before the tragedy, the couple can be seen posing happily before Mazzetto falls into a ravine as he tries to retrieve his phone.

   Local media reported that initially, the phone was believed to belong to Bragante but was later confirmed to be Mazzetto’s. On Saturday afternoon, Mazzetto, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, lost his balance while hiking on a cliff and fell.

   In response to reports that he had injured himself, two helicopters and crews of firefighters responded to the scene. Rescue efforts extended to include an alpine rescue team, more firefighters, and a medical team, who were dispatched to the scene after Bragante, who was reportedly in shock, alerted emergency services. Mazzetto’s body was eventually recovered with a helicopter.

   In a post alongside their last photo, she wrote, “Our cursed last photo together.” Braganted added, “You will always be with me, my little bear.”

   As news of the tragedy spread, heartfelt messages of condolences and expressions of love flooded the couple’s social media accounts. Mazzetto had been known for his shirtless photos and his declarations of love for Bragante. The couple’s public displays of affection had garnered a considerable following on Instagram.

   Mazzetto’s body was recovered by rescue crews, who reached the scene with a helicopter. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Local media reports indicate that Mazzetto’s funeral has been scheduled.

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