Harvard President Claudine Gay and the “whole bureaucracy” of diversity, equity, and inclusion “have to go,” Harvard University Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax on Tuesday.

   Dershowitz joined “Greg Kelly Reports” to discuss the precipitous fall of an educational giant under Gay’s Harvard, now a “laughingstock around the world” as well as a “place of hatred.”

   “There was a time when Harvard was a place of learning; today, Harvard is a place of propaganda and a place of hatred, and she is the wrong person at the wrong time in the wrong place to lead Harvard,” Dershowitz said.

   Calling Gay “the queen of cancel culture and of censorship,” Dershowitz finds it a cynical irony that calling for the genocide of Jews is a question of context under Gay.

   “If you said anything negative about an African-American student or a gay student, or if you misgendered somebody, if you engaged in a microaggression, there was no context. You’re out,” Dershowitz said.

   “They were among the worst universities in the world when it came to free speech. So, yeah, it is a matter of context. But the context is that Harvard goes after everybody and that President Gay discovered the First Amendment freedom of speech only as applied to hate against Jews,” Dershowitz added. “You can say anything against anybody, and you get thrown out. But if you say anything against Jews, it’s a matter of context, and remember the First Amendment.

   “And that’s why she and the whole bureaucracy of diversity, equity, and inclusion have to go if Harvard is to regain its status as a great research university in the world. It’s becoming a laughingstock around the world tragically,” Dershowitz said.

   “So I’m hoping that the elders of Harvard … will realize that they have to recognize their own error. They made a terrible mistake, appointing her. Now they have to make the right decision and say, ‘You’re just not right for the job,'” Dershowitz said. “Let her resign, resign with dignity. Give her a nice position as a professor of African-American studies, which is what she is.

   “Let her continue to do her research, but not as president of the university, not as the leader of the university.”

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