New Haven, Indiana – A woman has been charged with murder after allegedly killing her husband and displaying odd behavior when paramedics arrived at their home. Alison Kelly Davis, 33, was taken into custody after investigators found inconsistencies in her statements regarding the death of her husband, 40-year-old Kevin Ray Davis.

   Authorities responded to a call at the Davis residence on Douglas Lane in the early hours of August 12. They discovered Kevin Davis lying at the bottom of a staircase, gravely injured, barely breathing, and surrounded by blood. Despite efforts to save him, he tragically passed away later that day at a hospital.

   Alison Davis initially claimed that her husband had fallen down the stairs, but investigators found his injuries to be inconsistent with a mere fall. The nature of his injuries led them to believe that Alison had intentionally caused his death. Prosecutors have since formally charged her with murder, and she is currently being held in the Allen County Jail without bond.

   According to court documents, Alison’s behavior raised suspicions among authorities. Witnesses observed her laughing and appearing unconcerned about her husband’s injuries when paramedics arrived on the scene. In court documents, an investigator stated, “At one point, the Defendant was laughing with Medics and did not seem concerned about her husband’s injuries.”

   Furthermore, she provided different accounts of how Kevin ended up at the bottom of the stairs, including drinking at a bar that night and returning home at around 1 a.m. They had a fight. He went upstairs to bed while she intended to sleep downstairs. However, she said she heard a “thud” and found him at the bottom of the stairs.

   Kevin Davis’ mother contradicted Alison’s statements, claiming that Allison had told her that her son hadn’t been drinking that night. Meanwhile, Alison allegedly told her brother-in-law that she was in bed with their dog while he roamed the house. Investigators began to suspect Alison’s involvement in her husband’s death because of the different statements she had given to multiple people.

   An autopsy revealed that Kevin Davis suffered a crushed right side of his skull, consistent with blunt force trauma. His core body temperature had dropped significantly. The doctor also told investigators in court documents Davis had very little oxygen in his brain and had possibly been brain dead for hours – indicating he probably suffered his injuries earlier than Davis’s wife reported. Additionally, there was a depression in his head, suggesting he had been hit with an object. The severity of his injuries led investigators to question the accuracy of Alison’s initial account of a simple accident.

   Despite not knowing what was used to inflict Kevin Davis’ injuries, investigators recommended charges against Alison Davis due to the inconsistency of her statements, as well as the fact that only she and her husband were in the house. “Due to the nature of the injury and Defendant’s inconsistent statements, your affiant believes and has evidence to support that the Defendant knowingly and intentionally caused the death of Kevin Davis.”

   Alison Davis is currently without legal representation, according to online records. As the investigation unfolds, authorities will continue to gather evidence to support the murder charge against her.

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