PORTLAND, OR – In a recent case that has drawn significant attention, German Mathews, a Nicaraguan national who had been deported from the United States five times, was sentenced to a prison term of 19 to 24 years. This sentence was handed down following his conviction for the rape and felonious assault of a developmentally disabled woman in Hamilton County, Ohio. The incident, which occurred in May in the Cincinnati suburb of Forest Park, was described by local authorities as one of the most violent and disturbing they had encountered.

   The victim, a 44-year-old woman with special needs, was waiting at a bus stop when Mathews ambushed and brutally attacked her. The assault left her with severe facial fractures and other injuries. Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers, a veteran attorney with extensive experience, expressed her shock at the brutality of the crime, stating that it was one of the most violent attacks she had seen in her career. Sgt. Jackie Dreyer of the Forest Park Police Department referred to Mathews as an “animalistic predator” whose actions were beyond words.

   Mathews, 40, attempted to flee the scene after the attack but was apprehended by police with blood-covered hands. In a bizarre twist, Mathews claimed to authorities that he had been “possessed by a demon” during the commission of the crime. His attorney mentioned that Mathews had stolen liquor from a convenience store before the attack and was intoxicated at the time, with no memory of the incident.

   The case has raised questions about the effectiveness of immigration enforcement and border security. Mathews was first deported in 2005 after being arrested at the Texas international border. He was arrested again in 2012 in Florida for sexual battery and false imprisonment, but criminal charges were not pursued in that case. Mathews admitted to illegally entering the United States by rafting across the Rio Grande in a 2017 criminal complaint.

   Prosecutor Powers highlighted the severity of the situation by noting that this was the second case in two months in her jurisdiction involving women being violently attacked and sexually assaulted by individuals who were in the country illegally. She expressed her frustration and concern over these incidents.

   Mathews is expected to face deportation again after serving his sentence in Ohio. This would mark his sixth deportation from the United States. The case has sparked a broader discussion on immigration policies and the challenges faced by law enforcement in dealing with repeat offenders who enter the country illegally.

   The sentencing of German Mathews is a stark reminder of the complexities and difficulties in managing immigration and border security.

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