95 people were killed Wednesday in the Iranian city of Kerman after two blasts happened near the burial site of slain military commander Qasem Soleimani, in what officials are calling a terror attack… and of course, Iran is claiming it was the U.S. and Israel.. even though the attack was much more like the terrorist attacks Hamas and Houthi have carried out recently. Iranian Health Minister Bahram Eynollahi revised the death toll down to 95 from 103 Thursday and said 211 people had been injured.

   The blasts, at least one of which was caused by a bomb, happened during the fourth anniversary memorial of Soleimani’s death in a US air strike, often hailed by President Trump as one of his greatest military feats… and I mean. It was. Solemani was a monster.

   There are a couple reasons I do not believe Israel or the U.S. were responsible for the attack.

   Reason number one, is.. NO WAY would Biden’s handlers allow him to orchestrate a strike on Solemani’s gravesite and highlight Trump’s victory.

   Secondly, involces the fact that Iran has moved a warship to the Red Sea.. where the U.S. has been taking potshots back and forth with the Iranian-backed Houthis in the region in recent days. Iran’s Alborz destroyer passed the Bab el-Mandeb Strait on Monday before it entered the Red Sea, according to Iranian state media outlets. Keep in mind, Iran has been in a tiff with America and Israel’s ships already in the area.

   Military common sense says, it wasn’t Israel or the U.S. because, first of all, Biden doesn’t have the cojones.. and secondly, it is just not Netanyahu’s style. Bebe as well as America’s Generals would have attacked the Iranian warship to minimize loss of civilian life.

   More than likely it was an orcheatrated terror attack by Iran or Iranian backed rebels like Houthis or Hamas, as a good propaganda tool to hold up as an example to their people as justification for fighting with Israel and America. They don’t have the same concern for innocent human life as Israel and America do.

   You can rest assured that Iran will blame Israel and America. American college kids will blame Israel… and Joe Biden will definitely blame Donald Trump.


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