Perry, Iowa: A tragic school shooting on January 4, 2024, resulted in the death of a 6th grade student and injuries to four students and a school administrator at Perry High School. The suspect, a 17-year-old student, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. This incident marked the highest number of casualties in a single school shooting since March 27, 2023, when a shooting occurred at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

   According to an analysis by Education Week, there have been 2 school shootings resulting in injuries or deaths in 2024. This continues the heartbreaking, yet important work of tracking such incidents. Since 2018, there have been a total of 183 school shootings with injuries or deaths. The statistics show a concerning trend, with 37 such shootings in 2023, 51 in 2022, 35 in 2021, 10 in 2020, and 24 each in 2019 and 2018.

   In the emotionally charged aftermath of school shootings, the public often debates about gun control, arming teachers, and school security. To provide a clear and reliable account of K-12 school shootings, Education Week aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the situation. The tracking criteria includes incidents where a firearm was discharged, resulting in bullet wounds to individuals, and occurring on K-12 school property or a school bus during school hours or at a school-sponsored event. Incidents are not included if they involve only shots fired by an authorized individual, such as a school resource officer, in their official capacity.

   The accuracy of this tracker is maintained through our own reporting as well as data from local news outlets, school and district websites, and other reputable sources. The goal is to present an accurate depiction of the occurrence of school shootings to inform discussions and solutions related to this critical issue.

   In summary, the tragic shootings at Perry High School in Iowa serve as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges with school safety. With 183 shootings resulting in injuries or deaths since 2018, the impact of these incidents continues to be a concerning issue for students, educators, parents, and communities. The reliability and comprehensive nature of the tracker by Education Week provides valuable insights to support informed conversations and potential solutions to address this urgent issue.

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