Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had a medical procedure Dec. 22, went home a day later, and was admitted to intensive care Jan. 1 when he began experiencing severe pain. He is still in the hospital…. and he told…. No one. Biden and other senior leaders claim they had no idea anything was even going on.

   Was it stents? A sex change? Hemorrhoids? We have no clue. No one knows anything about the medical procedure or what actually happened on Monday to require Austin to be in intensive care at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center… or why he had to go back to ICU and is still there.

   U.S. officials say that senior Biden administration leaders, members of Congress and top Pentagon officials were unaware for days that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had been hospitalized since Monday. The failure to disclose Austin’s hospitalization, including to President Joe Biden, who has been in St. Croix and Delaware vacationing for most of the last few weeks, the National Security Council and top Pentagon leaders, for days is just beyond the pale.

   The lack of transparency about his illness, how serious it was, and when he may be released, shows complete and utter disregard to the American public, even if we weren’t bogged down in war and terrorist danger from the open border. Such deceit, when the United States is juggling so many national security crises, is disgustingly sneaky and obscure.

   The National Security Council and Austin’s Second in command., Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, were not notified until Thursday, Jan. 4, that Austin had been hospitalized since Jan. 1. Biden wasn’t told til a couple days after that. I guess they didn’t wanna disturb everybody on their extended lavish vacations with something so trivial as an empty chair at the head of the United States military.

   Allegedly Austin’s chief of staff, Kelly Magsamen, was ill and “unable to make notifications before then.” What was SHE so sick with, that she also couldn’t even make a phone call or a text? She finally informed Hicks and the national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, on Thursday. And in true Biden Admin style, Hicks decided not to return to work even though Austin was in the hospital and NOBODY was in DC heading up the military, as we shot at Iraq, got threatened by Iran, and got shot at ourselves, all over the Middle East. She was in Puerto Rico on vacay after all… but claims she had communications equipment with her to remain in contact.. I mean, who doesn’t have a cellphone these days?

   Hicks was tasked with some secretary-level duties on Tuesday. The Pentagon did not say if Hicks was given an explanation on Tuesday for why she was assuming some of Austin’s duties, but temporary transfers of authority are not unusual and are often done without detailed explanations. Hicks decided not to return after she was informed that Austin would resume full control on Friday.

   Once notified, Hicks began started makimg statements to send to Congress and made plans to return to Washington. Biden was told of Austin’s medical stay on Thursday by Sullivan, according to three people with knowledge of the hospitalization who were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

   In a statement issued Saturday evening, Austin took responsibility for the delays in notification, but still acted pretty shady about his behavior.

   “I recognize I could have done a better job ensuring the public was appropriately informed. I commit to doing better,” he said, acknowledging the concerns about transparency. “But this is important to say: this was my medical procedure, and I take full responsibility for my decisions about disclosure.” Nobody cares what surgery he had. He is a lying, gaslighting piece of crap. whether it was cancer or a hang nail… he still left the military hanging with no one in charge for DAYS while everyone else was on vacation too.

   Austin is still in the hospital in ICU and no one can say how long he will be at Walter Reed. In his statement, Austin said he is on the mend and is looking forward to returning to the Pentagon soon, but he provided no other details about what is going on. He needs to go piss down someone else’s leg and tell them its raining…. America sees through his murky lies and dereliction of duty. No wonder we have literal armies of illegals walking into our mainland, and Muslims taking pot shots at ships and military bases…. Everyone who is supposed to be in charge of keeping us safe, are either on vacation or hiding out in the ICU.


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