Trump’s dominating win in the Iowa Caucus left little doubt in anyone’s mind as to whether America still loves Trump. He won 98 out of 99 counties. as Iowa dug through the snow to caucus for the GOAT of Presidents… more than all the others combined.

   Chris Christie stepped down shortly before the caucus. Trump’s massive win took out Vivek, who shrewdly threw his support behind his mentor, who he has never bad mouthed.. the Trumpster himself. Look for Vivek to find a seat in Trump’s administration.. maybe even his VP.

   Asa, for all his bluster. slunk back to Arkansas with his tail between his little RINO legs. His good ol’ boy shit carried zero weight on the national stage. I expect.. hope.. Sarah Sanders will upscale him in that scenario some day, and would do it as well as she upstages him as a Governor.

   DeSantis’s momentum, even with second place in Iowa, is falling faster than the temperatures in the South this week. While he looked great in Kennedy reminiscent photo ops, the campaign trail without Trump backing him up has revealed him to be whiny, vapid, and inconsequential. Even copying Kim Reynolds and her little 99 county tour of Iowa and a scraping win, ultimately will not defeat Trump, or Haley. His whining that no one had ever been attacked like he has is cringy to Republicans as we watch Trump be persecuted from coast to coast and court to court.

   As for Haley… she will do fairly well on the East Coast.. but the GOP’s answer to Hillary Clinton is too liberal on too many issues, too cocky, too obnoxious, and plays the race/immigrant card way too much to survive headlining the GOP. She will fade away after the next debate or two and start kissing Trump’s ass and angling for the VP seat… she honestly has a little more in common with Kamala than anyone is comfortable with at this point, though.

   Watching all three frontrunners speak, one thing stands out. Trump tells you what he is going to do. The others talk about themselves, Trump talks about the economy, the border, the truth.. and its real.. it doesn’t sound like Nikki Haley spouting ‘kitchen table’ colloquialism like her last name is Biden, with no plan of action. Trump says you, while they say me. And that, is what will win him the nomination.


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