Here we are moving into 2024, A Big, Important year with a Huge election coming up. Why Huge? Well it might be your last REAL election if the GOP does not win. As encapsulated in the book by David Horowitz, “The Final Battle,” (a must read for all conservatives) because that is what this will be. To fulfill the Democrats plan as it is with over 20 Million illegal aliens (Yes, that is the Real number) coming over the border to become
legal (or illegal) voters and being properly positioned in the right key states, and will All vote Democrat, the Republican party will never be able to win another election ever. We will be governed like another Russia, Ukraine, China or North Korea. The Obama plan coming to fruition just as he set in motion back in 2008.

   Here I am writing this just two days after the Iowa Caucuses’, Such an Awesome GOP win for President Donald Trump and just like I and many others had predicted. He swept a record breaking win of 98 counties out of 99 and the one was by 1 vote. The biggest win in the states caucus history. Such a waste of time and money (over $250 million) wasted by his GOP opponents. Niki Haley, the half liberal RINO, a wolf in sheeps clothing as the saying goes, what a loud mouth idiot. She can’t even run a household not to mention a country, This two term Governor, and get rich queen politician. I predict she loses her own state of South Carolina. Then Ron Desanctimonious ( I couldn’t help that,) Yes he did wonders as Governor of Florida and right where he should stay. You can run a state, does not mean you can run a country, Especially the Biggest, Baddest, most powerful country in the world.

   Especially with where we are at this exact moment in time, which is down the tubes and on the way to screwed. The only coming back from this point is MAGA, (Biden doesn’t even know what it means, he thinks it’s a bad thing,) This country needs President Donald J Trump to bring back all the policies he established in his first term making this the most successful, most prosperous, most energized country on the planet. Now think back and remember he did all that good while being attacked and bullied everyday, two impeachments, a combative
mainstream media, a congress that would not budge for him, even a minority of Republicans and still the most vibrant and successful economy in the history of America.

   So it is on to New Hampshire, South Carolina and then Super Tuesday. I just can’t wait to get past all of this and move on to the real beast in the general election. The Republicans need to band and work together against the real enemy destroying this country. Right now it just seems so far off and several articles away to the GOP Convention on July 15th. This is the real key, because the democrats know how to campaign (cheat,) circle the wagons and work together for one set cause. The Republicans not so much, they have proven to be better at inhouse fighting and and just working with their own caucus. This has to be an all out, no holds barred fight to the end with the result of winning.

– RR

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