NAIROBI, KENYA – The suspected killer of Shofco FC player Steven Alade met his end in a confrontation with police in Makandara, bringing a sense of justice and community unity amid the sorrow of the tragic loss.

   Fredrick Otieno, also known as Difre, was captured on CCTV cameras committing a heinous crime in Kibera, where he not only robbed innocent victims but also fatally shot Alade. The relentless pursuit of justice culminated in a deadly confrontation on a fateful Sunday when the police closed in on Otieno, resulting in a shootout.

   According to Makandara Deputy OCPD Denis Omuko, “Police initiated a well-planned operation to apprehend the criminal, but when the suspect realized he was surrounded by our officers, he resorted to opening fire in an attempt to intimidate them,” He added, “In response, my officers were forced to defend themselves, and in the ensuing shootout, the criminal sustained fatal injuries.”

   The long arm of the law had been on the trail of Otieno ever since he was spotted on surveillance cameras during the heinous crime spree in Kibera. Citizens, horrified by his actions, bravely informed the authorities of his whereabouts, ultimately leading the police to the deadly encounter in Makandara.

   In a shocking twist, it has emerged that the notorious robber had been renting a firearm from a police officer, raising troubling questions about the depths of criminality within the force. The dark cloud of uncertainty had descended upon Shofco FC when their promising player, Steven Alade, met a tragic end. The young footballer had been returning from his evening training session on January 16th when he fell victim to gun-wielding thugs who mercilessly shot him three times during an attempted mobile phone theft.

   In the wake of this heart-wrenching loss, the community came together to remember and honor Steven Alade. A candlelight vigil was held at the spot where the young athlete’s life was tragically cut short on Monday night, with thousands of fans gathering to pay their respects and commemorate the indomitable spirit of the fallen player.

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