FRESNO, Calif. – A Fresno family appeared in court to seek justice for the death of their teenage daughter, Jayce Willet, who was killed by a drunk driver over four years ago. Her mother, Melody Willet, made a final plea in court, expressing her grief and pushing for the defendant to face a fair punishment.

   On November 8, 2019, Jayce was a backseat passenger when the defendant, Marcos Torres, ran a stop sign and crashed into the vehicle, causing the 15-year-old’s death. While facing a murder charge, Torres was ultimately found guilty of manslaughter and driving under the influence by a jury.

   During the sentencing, Torres’s defense attorney claimed that Torres had been harassed on social media and that his whereabouts had been shared online since he was not in jail pending sentence. The defendant, too nervous to speak for himself, had his attorney read a statement apologizing to Jayce’s family for the pain and loss he caused.

   Despite facing a potential of 11 years in prison, the judge sentenced Torres to eight years and four months. Jayce’s family expressed relief that justice had been served, but acknowledged that it does not alleviate the pain of losing their loved one.

   The family intends to focus on healing and keeping Jayce’s memory close to their hearts. They remember her as a kind soul with a beautiful smile. This tragic incident has left a lasting impact on the family, who now seek closure and solace in memory of their beloved daughter and sister.

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