Clinton Township, Michigan – An investigation into a recent fire and series of explosions at a vape supply facility in Clinton Township is set to begin in the first week of April. This delay is due to the need to coordinate with multiple agencies and utilize large equipment at the site.

   The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will lead the public investigation, with assistance from the Clinton Township fire investigation team, the local police department, and the Michigan State Police, according to Clinton Township Fire Chief Tim Duncan. Private parties, including the building’s owners and insurers, will also be part of the investigation process.

   The incident occurred at a facility known as Select Distributors and Goo Smoke Shop on 15 Mile Road on March 4, resulting in debris, including canisters of butane and nitrous oxide, being scattered up to two miles away. Tragically, a 19-year-old individual lost their life in the aftermath, and a firefighter sustained minor injuries from the explosions.

   The site of the incident finally cooled down by Monday, allowing investigators to approach and assess the situation. Heavy equipment will be required to move large steel structural pieces and sift through debris piled up to four to five feet high.

   Duncan emphasized the need to involve specialists such as mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineers, and fire suppression experts in the investigation. The anticipated start date for the investigation is in the first week of April, and once underway, investigators hope to determine the cause of the explosion and fire within a couple of days.

   While the scene is now under control, Duncan advised the public to stay away and notify law enforcement if they come across any debris. The presence of potentially hazardous materials at the site necessitates caution from the public.

   In conclusion, the investigation into the Clinton Township vape supply facility incident underscores the complexities and challenges involved in determining the cause of such tragic events. The collaboration between multiple agencies and private parties highlights the importance of thorough and meticulous investigative processes in situations of this nature.

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