With the Republican presidential primary behind him, former President Donald Trump said he vows to take a tough fight to his critics, political persecutors, and justice weaponizers in the Biden administration and the Democratic Party.

   “I will always be nice; I will always be respectful; but when they hit you, you have to hit them back, and then people will say, Oh gee, Trump isn’t a nice guy, because he hit back hard,” Trump told “Greg Kelly Reports” in an exclusive sit-down Wednesday with Newsmax.

   “They say, Trump isn’t a nice person, but they do like my policy.”

   Trump rattled off his administration’s achieves in contrast to the Biden administration’s failures, including: “safest border,” “greatest economy,” “greatest regulation cuts,” “rebuilt the military,” “created Space Force,” and “right to try.”

   But, Kelly asked, will all of that matter to the backers of President Joe Biden or the moderates that just do not like Trump’s tone?

   “I don’t want to be phony,” Trump said. “In a certain way, you could say, Well, are you willing to really change and be a phony? I see it all the time where people are not being themselves.

   “I have to fight back. These people, many of them are evil people.”

   Pointing to the investigations and prosecutions he is facing amid a presidential election challenge to Biden, Trump called out the “sick” and “evil” people he said are targeting him because he seeks to defeat Biden and leftist policies to change America.

   Those battles have only made him strong as a campaigning, debater, politician, and president, according to Trump.

   “If I didn’t fight that with power and strength, if I was going to be some kind of, Oh gee, let’s all get together,” he said, “these are evil people; these are sick people. And they actually put our nation in a lot of danger, because when you do that stuff, you really are in danger with Russia or whoever it is.”

   It is the “fight” that makes America great again, Trump said.

   “If I didn’t fight tough, if I didn’t fight nasty and do it the way that I have to do it, I wouldn’t be interviewed right now — unless you were doing maybe a story on real estate or something, and I’m sure that probably wouldn’t happen,” Trump told Kelly.

   “No, I have to do it strong.”

   Special counsel Jack Smith, who brought the indictments in Washington, D.C., and South Florida is “a deranged individual” and Biden’s attack weapon, Trump concluded.

   “He was told to do a number on me because they think that’s the way Biden gets elected,” Trump said. “This has never happened in this country before, if I was going to fight it in a nice way, I don’t think I’d be successful.”

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