Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens is warning that some migrants coming across the southern border may pose a serious “national security threat.”

   The smugglers who get illegal migrants into the United States, he told CBS’s “Face the Nation,” “dictate what the flow is going to look like, and we respond to it.”

   “We try and get out in front of it and deny them the ability to use these areas,” he added. “But at the end of the day, there’s over 1,900 miles of border with Mexico.”

   Under the Biden administration, the U.S. has seen an onslaught of illegal migrants, with many Democrats calling them asylum seekers.

   Owens fretted that under the guise of the title “asylum seeker,” it would leave open the possibility for someone to exploit a terrorist act.

   “That number is a large number,” the Border Patrol chief said, commenting on the nearly million and a half migrant encounters for fiscal year 2024 alone.

   “But what’s keeping me up at night is the 140,000 known got aways; it’s not part of” the official count. “And that’s just what we know.”

   “That is a national security threat. Border security is a big piece of national security. And if we don’t know who is coming into our country and we don’t know what their intent is, that is a threat. They’re exploiting a vulnerability that’s on our border right now.”

   In an interview, biologist Bret Weinstein described that when he visited the Darien Gap, many of the migrants in camps were not from Latin America; many were Chinese and were hostile when interviewed.

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