Mexico City, Mexico – Armored cars have always held a certain allure, especially those offered directly by auto manufacturers. Brands like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have been providing armored versions of their models for years, featuring subtle design differences from regular vehicles. Whether used by heads of state, CEOs, or celebrities, these luxury armored cars offer protection against bullets and explosives.

   Movies like “James Bond,” “Mission: Impossible,” and “The Transporter” have only fueled the desire to drive an armored car, with their protagonists engaging in thrilling chase scenes and daring stunts. Recognizing this interest, BMW has launched a Security Vehicle Training program aimed at teaching individuals how to drive armored cars effectively and evade potential threats.

   The training program takes place at an ex-Soviet air force base in Berlin, Germany, which has been transformed into a driving center. BMW emphasizes that the course is designed for professional drivers who wish to enhance their skills in handling special-protection vehicles to navigate extreme situations confidently. The curriculum includes both driving exercises and classroom sessions to familiarize students with the unique dynamics of armored cars like the 7 Series Protection.

   Participants in the program experience realistic scenarios, such as escape drills and high-speed maneuvers, to prepare them for potential security threats. The Level 2 course further intensifies the training with exercises involving gunfire, defensive driving techniques, and off-road challenges with vehicles like the armored X5 SUV. BMW’s 7 Series Protection lineup, including an electric version for the first time, offers top-tier security features while maintaining luxury and comfort.

   In addition to advanced safety measures like an intercom system and self-sealing fuel tank, the armored 7 Series boasts high-quality finishes and cutting-edge driver-assist features. Despite its enhanced security features, the vehicle retains a sleek appearance, blending seamlessly with the standard 7 Series models. The website for the training program does not disclose the prices but emphasizes that the courses are exclusively for professional drivers of security vehicles.

   BMW’s commitment to security and innovation shines through its armored car lineup, providing individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate challenging situations confidently. The combination of luxury and protection in the 7 Series Protection vehicles signifies a new era in high-security transportation options.

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