NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A hearing is set to determine whether the writings of the Covenant School shooter should be made public. The judge will decide on the release of these writings, with Metro revealing plans to conclude the investigation in July and potentially release a redacted version of the file. The chancellor has the power to make a decision on the release of the writings in the coming days.

   Metro officials stated that they initially denied a public records request concerning the writings due to ongoing criminal investigations. However, they expressed openness to releasing redacted documents once the investigation concludes. Lora Fox from Metro Legal expressed concerns about releasing all information immediately without proper investigation, highlighting the importance of professionalism in handling such sensitive materials.

   The petitioners are arguing that the open criminal investigation exemption does not apply in this case, as there is no pending criminal action at the moment. They believe that the public has the right to access these documents, emphasizing that transparency could potentially prevent similar incidents in the future. Doug Pierce from the National Police Association echoed these sentiments, stressing the importance of learning from past experiences to avoid future tragedies.

   In the midst of the debate, some portions of the shooter’s writings have already been leaked by a podcast host, adding to the controversy surrounding the case. This leakage has not been heavily discussed in court proceedings, indicating a growing concern over the handling of sensitive information related to the incident.

   The courtroom is expected to hear rebuttal from the petitioners on Wednesday morning, as the debate over the release of the Covenant School shooter’s writings continues. The decision made in this hearing could have significant implications for future cases involving sensitive materials related to criminal investigations.

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