PAJU, South Korea – Police in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, are delving into the tragic deaths of four individuals at a local hotel, suspecting that the two men involved had murdered two women before taking their own lives.

   Authorities uncovered messages exchanged by the men suggesting plans to kill the women before overpowering them in the hotel room. The case came to light on April 11, when the two perpetrators jumped to their deaths upon police arrival.

   Initially, the police had visited the hotel room to inquire about a missing female victim, only to be told by the men that she had left the premises. While the authorities were checking the story at the front desk, the two men leaped from the window.

   Inside the building, police discovered two women bound and gagged with cable ties. Investigations revealed that the men were friends, and one of the victims was acquainted with them. One victim was enticed to the hotel under false pretenses of virtual currency trading success, while the other was lured with a fictitious job offer as a casino dealer.

   Authorities also found that the men had contacted acquaintances of the women, pretending to be the victims and soliciting money. Financial difficulties may have motivated the crime, as the suspects had debts, although the exact amount remains unconfirmed due to their demise.

   Kim Do-hyung, Chief of Gyeonggi Bukbu Police, expressed during a press briefing the suspicion of financial motives behind the crime. However, further investigation is required, as the lack of concrete evidence due to the suspects’ deaths poses challenges.

   The tragic incident continues to unfold as authorities seek to piece together the events leading up to the deaths of four individuals in the hotel room in Paju.

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