Former President Donald Trump offered words of praise for House Speaker. Mike Johnson, R-La., saying he is “trying very hard” and is “a very good person.”

   His comments came Monday evening during an interview with Real America’s Voice radio host John Fredericks.

   “Look, we have a majority of one [if the House],” Trump said. “It’s not like he can go and do whatever he wants. I think he’s a very good person. I think he’s a very good man. I think he’s trying very hard. And, again, we have to have a very big election” [and increase the Republican majority in the House].

   “We have to elect some good senators get rid of some of the ones we have right now like [Mitt] Romney and others. We have to have a big day and win the presidency

   Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., on Friday formally filed a motion to remove Johnson, R-La., due to his support of the $1.2 trillion spending bill.

   Greene filed a motion to vacate the chair, the same procedure used by Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., in October to remove then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif, from his position.

   Monday was not the first time, Trump had praised Johnson.

   The two appeared side-by-side at the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago club, a rite of passage for the new House leader as he positions himself, and his GOP majority, side-by-side with the Republican Party leader ahead of the November election.

   “I stand with the speaker,” Trump said at an evening press conference at his private club.

   Trump blasted President Joe Biden during the interview.’

   “You just look at what’s happening with our country.,” he said. “e’re not respected. You look at energy prices. You look at inflation. You look at a bad economy.

   “We had the safest border in history three and a half years ago and now we have the worst border of any country in history.

   “He’s the worst president in history. He makes Jimmy Carter look good

   “if we don’t win the presidency, I’m telling you I think our country could be finished.”

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