Former President Donald Trump told Newsmax on Thursday that he had a “very good session” before the Supreme Court during his hearing for presidential immunity.

   Even if he wasn’t allowed to be there. Trump was occupied by his “disgraceful” criminal trial in New York and not allowed to be in Washington, D.C.

   Joining “Greg Kelly Reports,” Trump said immunity is vital or else “you’re not going to have a presidency anymore.”

   “Well, you have to have immunity as a president. You can’t do what you have to do,” Trump told Kelly. “You need presidential immunity to do the right thing. And sometimes you may do the wrong thing. I mean, that’s possible, too. But you have to have immunity. … You have to have presidential immunity, or you’re just not going to have presidency anymore. You’ll have a ceremonial president, not a real president.

   “Ideally, you’re going to do all the right things, that includes going to war and ending wars and sometimes starting wars, and you know you have to make very tough decisions as president,” Trump added. “But you can’t be criminally tried if you make a mistake, or if you don’t make a mistake. You know they’ll try you if you don’t make a mistake. So it’s very important.

   “And I heard the lawyers did a great job. I heard the justices were on their game, as the expression goes. It was a very good session,” he said.

   As for his criminal trial in New York in the business records case, Trump said there’s a silver lining to it — “we’re showing America how bad these people are,” Trump said.

   “I think the persecution, or prosecution, depending on your definition, probably persecution’s better, but I don’t like necessarily saying it; Alvin Bragg, they have like 12, 14, 18, 20 people from his office in these rooms over no crime. Everyone’s waiting, ‘Where’s the crime?’ Yet outside they’re having people getting killed,” Trump told Kelly.

   Further, while the trial prevents Trump from campaigning as much as he would like for president, he said his polls are improving anyway.

   “Would I prefer not having to do them? Yes. It may very well be having a positive impact on the polls because the people see it’s a scheme. It’s a scam. Alvin Bragg is backed by [George] Soros. Letitia James, her whole campaign was, ‘I’ll get Trump. I’ll get Trump,'” Trump said.

   “But you have these people. They’re evil. You know, they’re evil. They’re sick. And Letitia James, Alvin Bragg, look at all the crime we have. And yet they have a big portion of their office sitting there over absolutely nothing.

   “There’s no crime. It’s no crime. These people are crazy.”

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