Perth, Australia – A Perth grandmother, Ninette Simons, found herself in a horrifying ordeal when she was allegedly brutally attacked by a freed immigration detainee during a violent home invasion. The suspect, Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan from Kuwait, along with two accomplices, purportedly posed as police officers to gain entry into the Girrawheen home of the 73-year-old cancer patient. The trio proceeded to tie up Simons’ husband before violently assaulting her and stealing jewelry and other valuables amounting to $200,000, which she described as their “life savings.”

   Doukoshkan was denied bail following the incident, which occurred after his release from detention last November under a contentious ruling by the High Court of Australia that saw 154 detainees set free. Simons recounted the harrowing experience, expressing gratitude for surviving the onslaught at her age, stating, “I thought I was dying.” The Albanese Government has yet to address the situation publicly, but reports suggest that this attack will amplify pressure on the government’s efforts to expedite preventative detention orders.

   The shocking attack on Simons has reignited concerns about the safety and security of individuals targeted by released detainees, prompting community members to call for stricter measures to protect citizens from such violent acts. Efforts to ensure the well-being and safeguarding of vulnerable individuals like Simons have become a focal point in the ongoing discussions regarding immigration detainee release policies. Authorities are actively investigating the home invasion to bring justice to the perpetrators and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

   The heinous assault on Simons not only inflicted physical harm but also left emotional scars, underscoring the importance of implementing comprehensive measures to address and prevent such traumatic events. Community support and solidarity have poured in for Simons and her family, reflecting a collective call for justice and accountability in the wake of the violent intrusion. As the investigation progresses and details unfold, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability faced by individuals like Simons and the imperative need to uphold safety and security within communities.

   In response to the distressing events, discussions surrounding the implications of the detainee release ruling and its impact on public safety have intensified, prompting a reevaluation of existing protocols and safeguards to prevent similar tragedies. The resilience and courage displayed by Simons in the face of adversity have resonated with many, inspiring a renewed commitment to fortify protections for individuals at risk of harm. As authorities pursue the apprehension of the assailants and seek justice for Simons, the incident serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and unity within communities facing adversity.

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