Auckland, New Zealand – Authorities in Auckland, New Zealand have identified a suspect wanted in connection with a fatal shooting incident that occurred on Ponsonby Road on Sunday night. The suspect, identified as 31-year-old Hone Kay-Selwyn, is being sought for unlawful possession of a firearm, according to a statement released by the police.

   The tragic incident unfolded when emergency services responded to reports of gunshots fired on Ponsonby Rd in central Auckland around 10:18pm on Sunday. Upon arrival, officers discovered a man deceased outside Saben and Glengarry Wines.

   Detective Inspector Chris Barry of the Auckland City CIB urged the public to come forward with any information regarding the whereabouts of Kay-Selwyn. Describing the suspect as dangerous, Barry warned against approaching him and advised contacting the police immediately if sighted.

   Despite efforts to locate Kay-Selwyn, police emphasized the ongoing investigation and issued a stern warning to anyone aiding the suspect in evading capture. Barry assured the community of their dedication to providing answers to the victim’s family and ensuring justice.

   A woman claiming to be Kay-Selwyn’s partner expressed her condolences to the victim’s family on social media. She acknowledged the gravity of the situation and expressed sorrow over the loss of life. CCTV footage captured the suspect’s movements on the night of the shooting, further aiding the investigation.

   The suspect’s actions prior to the fatal shooting, including being denied entry to a pub and firing shots at a group of individuals, have raised concerns in the community. Reports indicate that the victim and his companions were innocent bystanders in the tragic event.

   As the investigation unfolds, authorities are working diligently to apprehend the suspect and bring him to justice. With little information on the motive behind the shooting, police are conducting thorough inquiries to piece together the events leading up to the incident. Residents of Ponsonby have been reassured of law enforcement’s commitment to ensuring safety in the neighborhood.

   The incident has left the community in shock and disbelief, prompting a heightened sense of vigilance among residents and business owners. The tragic outcome serves as a stark reminder of the need for continued efforts to address violence and uphold public safety.

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