Santa Rosa, California – A 38-year-old man from Santa Rosa found guilty of attempting to murder the mother of his children has been sentenced to life in prison, as confirmed by the Sonoma County District Attorney on Friday.

   Adrian Cervantes-Alvarez received a six-year sentence for the attempted murder charge but due to it being his third strike under California’s Three Strikes law, his sentence was escalated to life imprisonment. He will be eligible for parole after 27 years behind bars.

   In February of this year, Cervantes-Alvarez was convicted of the horrific attack that took place in August 2020. During the incident, he brutally stabbed the victim multiple times with a pair of grooming scissors in front of their children. Fortunately, the assault was halted by a brave neighbor who intervened and stopped the violence.

   The court also issued a 10-year criminal protection order for the victim, the maximum allowance under current law, providing her with some level of security and protection moving forward.

   The sentencing of Cervantes-Alvarez serves as a reminder of the tragic consequences of domestic violence and the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions. It highlights the critical need for continued efforts in preventing and addressing such heinous acts within our communities.

   This case sheds light on the lasting impact that violent crimes can have on victims and their families, emphasizing the significance of providing support and resources to those affected by such traumatic experiences.

   As the legal process concludes with Cervantes-Alvarez’s sentencing, it underscores the commitment of law enforcement and judicial authorities to pursue justice and ensure that individuals who commit such egregious acts are held responsible for their crimes.

   The resolution of this case serves as a small victory for the victim, signaling that justice has been served, and providing a semblance of closure for all those involved in this harrowing ordeal.

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