Chicago, Illinois – The family of a beloved assistant principal who was shot and killed in his own downtown Chicago condo building last year has recently filed a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges wrongful death and negligence in the case of Abnerd Joseph, who tragically lost his life in September 2024.

   Despite no criminal charges being filed in Joseph’s shooting death, his family seeks closure and justice through the legal recourse of a civil lawsuit. Abnerd Joseph was a well-respected assistant principal at Intrinsic High School in downtown Chicago. His impact on the school community was profound, as evidenced by the students’ mural in his honor and the motivating influence he had on students striving for academic success.

   Months after his untimely death, the pain and loss are still fresh for Joseph’s family. His sister expressed the lasting wounds felt by the family, as they grieve the loss of their beloved family member. The tragic event occurred in Joseph’s condo building, The Legacy at Millennium Park, where he was fatally shot during a mental health episode.

   The family has raised concerns about the handling of the situation, as they were informed that the neighbor who shot Joseph was acting in self-defense. The lawsuit points fingers at building management, security, and the involved parties for their alleged negligence in responding to Joseph’s mental health emergency, which resulted in his wrongful death. In a statement, the family’s attorney highlighted the perceived lack of intervention in a critical moment that led to Joseph’s tragic demise.

   Legal proceedings are underway, with plans to obtain surveillance footage of the incident for further insight into the events leading to Joseph’s death. As the investigation continues, the family seeks answers and accountability for their devastating loss. Chicago Police and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office are actively involved in the ongoing investigation to determine any potential criminal charges in the case. Efforts to reach out to the parties named in the lawsuit for their response have thus far been unanswered.

   The family’s pursuit of justice and closure in the wake of Abnerd Joseph’s tragic passing serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of mental health crises and the importance of appropriate responses in times of distress. The legal battle ahead aims to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Joseph’s death and hold accountable those deemed responsible for the tragic outcome.

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