Los Angeles, California – Sean “Diddy” Combs made a public apology on May 19 for his physical assault on his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, back in 2016. The apology came following the release of exclusive hotel surveillance footage by CNN, showing the disturbing incident at the now-closed InterContinental Hotel in Century City.

   In the video, Combs can be seen grabbing, shoving, kicking, and dragging Ventura in a hallway. This behavior caught on camera prompted Combs to admit to his actions, expressing deep regret for his behavior. He stated that he sought professional help, including therapy and rehab, and asked for forgiveness while committing to self-improvement.

   Prior to this public apology, Combs had denied Ventura’s allegations, leading to a lawsuit filed by her in November. The lawsuit was settled shortly after, but the surfacing of the video brought renewed attention to Combs’ past behavior and sparked controversy.

   Ventura’s attorney, Meredith Firetog, criticized Combs’ apology as being more about himself than acknowledging the harm he caused. She emphasized that Combs’ belated apology following the video’s release showed a lack of sincerity and a desperate attempt to save face.

   The surveillance footage from March 5, 2016, captures Ventura exiting a hotel room and being pursued by Combs, who violently attacks her in the hallway. The video shows Combs throwing Ventura to the floor, kicking her, and dragging her by her clothing before leaving the scene. Ventura is seen trying to use a phone near the elevators as Combs returns to push her and throw an object at her.

   The release of this footage has reignited discussions around domestic violence and accountability, shedding light on the importance of addressing and confronting abusive behavior. It underscores the significance of holding individuals, regardless of their status or fame, accountable for their actions and the impact of their behavior on others.

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