As The Beatles famously said, “It’s been a Long and Winding Road” in 2020.As we are entering into 2021 and what will be a volatile political environment. I and my family are hunkering down and preparing for the fight. With the inauguration of a new president with a far-left agenda, we are going to have to hang on tight. It is going to be another long road, One that we will not have a lot of control over, But one we can speak up against to hold on to All our Constitutional rights that will be attacked and are already being stripped away right in front of us.

   I always speak from truth and fact. I as most of you that read the magazine are supporters of our Great President, Donald J. Trump. He is undoubtedly the Best President in my entire lifetime, Just look at his achievements even with having to fight against all of his counterparts. Promises Made, Promises Kept. This is very rare in politics, No matter what side you voted for, it will be soon that the lies will come out. If you did vote for the left side and are happy for a minute right now, Enjoy it for a minute because it won’t last long. You see this Liberal agenda is coming after all our freedoms and rights, and yes, yours too. They are not going to stop with half the country. They will use their power to go after all of America and they are not even hiding it. They are outspoken about “Changing America.” They are a globalist regime, Not the “America first” agenda that we have seen for the last 4 years. Just look at the already-started attack on your freedom of speech. Listen, If Big Tech can silence the current leader of the United States, they will silence You also. Everyone that voted for this leftist regime, voted for lawlessness, socialism, and yes, even communism. They are power-hungry and want full control of You and Your life. They are good at lying and cheating.

   This election was not won, it was cheated away, and it was stolen. President Donald J. Trump did not lose this election, He won this election in a landslide with over 75 million votes, The most of any incumbent president ever. I won’t cover all the bullshit here now, because you can search out all the true facts, like in Pennsylvania where there were 200,000 more votes than there are registered voters, thousands upon thousands of dead people voting, election machines actually changing and stealing your vote. The facts are out there, “seek and you shall find.” Much of this will come out after the fact, trust me My President, Donald J. Trump will lead the way into the future to bring out the facts. He is not going away as many think. He will lead these facts to the American People. The entire truth of the “swamp” will be exposed. I will continue to and always support this President and Patriot.

   So it is Free Speech of the First Amendment now, then no doubt this socialist regime agenda will attack everyone’s Second Amendment rights, They do not want any Patriotic Americans to have guns, but they will have armed bodyguards, they want to kill babies even after birth, they want fully open borders with no criteria, they want ridiculous energy standards, We will all be paying more than $5.00 for a gallon of gasoline. We all will be supporting and paying for illegal aliens.

   This pandemic which I do believe was a planned biological attack was used to steal this election for the left. They will continue to use it to control you. You must not stand for it, We won’t. They want you locked down and masked up, that is so you can’t congregate and unite with other patriots and discuss ideas, or conspire against them.

   You must have a mind of your own and a voice. You must use it among other things to fight back when needed. You must stand tall and protect your rights, protect your freedoms, protect your guns, protect your property, and protect your family. We will move on through the swampy bullshit, We will go forward, we will fight many more days and we will win again to bring America back to its Greatness because we are strong, we are patriots, we are Americans. For the love of God, Guns, and Family we will survive, thrive and win.

   Stay tuned, more to come, we’re not done, we are just getting started!

   Rick Rose

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