Dayton, Ohio – Police in Dayton, Ohio are actively investigating a tragic shooting incident that resulted in the deaths of a woman and a 16-year-old boy. The incident, which occurred on Shaftesbury Road early Wednesday morning, has raised concerns in the community about potential motives and suspects involved.

   Major Brian Johns of the Dayton Police Department stated that preliminary investigations do not suggest a murder-suicide or a random home invasion as the cause of the shooting. Authorities are currently following up on leads to track down the suspect responsible for the tragic incident.

   The 911 call reporting the shooting indicated that two individuals had been shot inside a residence. Responding officers were informed that gunshots had been heard, prompting fears among occupants who were forced to hide within the home until authorities arrived at the scene.

   The case has been deemed a top priority by law enforcement, with the department’s entire homicide unit and detectives from other divisions working tirelessly to unravel the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Johns emphasized the critical importance of time in solving such crimes and expressed hopes of bringing closure to the case swiftly.

   While details regarding the victims’ relationship remain unclear, it is known that prior police visits to the location, including one the day before the shooting, do not appear to be connected to the tragic fatalities. Authorities are also dismissing any links between previous incidents at the residence and the recent double homicide.

   Residents in the neighborhood have expressed shock and disbelief, as law enforcement reassured the public that the area is not considered high-crime. Police have urged anyone with information about the shooting to come forward and assist in the investigation by contacting a designated hotline or providing anonymous tips through Crime Stoppers.

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