I’ll start by taking us back to January 6th, 2021. The day that the House and Senate are to do their constitutional duty and confirm the electoral college votes. Now there are always contested votes on both sides and that is nothing new, actually expected. The proceeding is always overseen by the current Vice President. So here are my thoughts, Our current Vice President at that time decided to NOT stand up and do his duty, I believe Treasonist. All he needed to do is a legitimate and legal routine. When the 5 or 6 states in question were contested that they then are sent back to the states in question to be rechecked for the specific contested reasons and reconfirmed. The state legislatures then do as they are constitutionally obligated to do in an expedited time frame, then send them back to the House. VP Mike Pence decided to abandon his duty and office as well as his President, Donald J. Trump. He did nothing with the contested votes except let them all go through confirmed. He had the ability to stand up not only for his presidency of the past four years but also for his own re-election, Yet he failed to do so. He failed to have the balls to stand up and challenge what he and everyone knows was a sham and cheated stolen election.

   I personally believe that this whole cheated Covid Election fiasco was a forethought, pre-planned, and masterfully carried out. Trust me, I always work and think from facts, I have never conspiracy theorized anything. What happened here from behind the scenes was planned for the entire four years of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, The reason, is that he had to be stopped and taken down by any means no matter how bad for this America and its people. Our Awesome President was too much of a hindrance to the Democrat Party. He knew and saw all that went on and was on his way to putting an end to their financial escapades, He would stop their illegal money flow from the people, the taxpayers through the government into their personal pockets. I’m sure it started early on with the Leader Barack Obama, I might even endeavor to believe that he or a surrogate contacted China and arranged for this Covid plague to be released upon the world at just the right timing for this election year. Now it’s not just the money, even though that is very important to them, but what is as important to them is Power. They must have that. Look at what happened over the past year.
They must have control, They must control You the people. Pastors were jailed for holding church services, Mothers were thrown off of airplanes and arrested for taking their kids to the park, restaurants, and bars, and all businesses were shut down, they ordered everyone to wear masks. Democrat Government must be in control, they have to be your parents because you are not able to do for yourself and make your own decisions.

   You must be told. Look back at how masterfully orchestrated this was done through the mainstream media and social media networks at their beck and call to decide what you should know, what you should see, and what you should hear.

   Then there is “racism”, You know who is racist, everyone that complains about racism. They have to deflect it from themselves. The democrats created racism, the KKK was the early enforcement arm of the Democrat party, and Democrat Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd was a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan. One of the Democrat’s favorite funding missions is Planned Parenthood founded by Margaret Sanger, an activist and racist, their origin was to control the population in the black community. Look at where in the country all their offices are, in the inner city, black neighborhoods. Now in this cancel culture even “Math” is racist, that is because Democrats think black kids are too stupid to learn math so it must be “white supremacist.”

   The Democrat party wants to give you whatever they say you need and take away everything they do not want you to have, such as Guns and Free Speech. You see closing the bars had to happen because that is the gathering place for ideas, ideas that they do not want you to have. You see to them an “idea” is an “uprising,” this has happened before and I believe it needs to happen again now. We have to fight for our freedoms as we have in the past or they will be lost.

   So here we are today, at the time of this writing about 8 weeks into a Biden-Harris administration. I have never seen so much destruction to our great country in such a very short time. This is truly a progressive takeover
and third term of Obama, He is making all the decisions through his surrogate Susan Rice, giving directions to the meager Joe Biden. We have to stop all that is happening now, we must stand up, we must fight back to save this country. Listen, folks, we are Tough Texans, 185 years ago we were under siege at the Alamo, what did they do, they fought back. Thus, “Come and Take it.”

   We don’t need the government to do anything, to give us anything, to tell us anything, We will live, survive and strive all on our own. This is Texas.

   Stay tuned, more to come, we’re not done, we are just getting started!

   Rick Rose

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