It seems to me there is too much separation, too much-finding reasons to be mad at each other. This Is America! We are a bunch of diverse people that love our country. America stands for freedom, to be whoever and whatever we want as long as we do not hurt others in the process (and before you get all crazy, I am not including people that get their feelings hurt by any and all comments that may upset them, Yes, screw you snowflakes!)

I remember growing up with a diverse culture such as Swedes, Pollacks, Italians (also known as Waps Ha Ha), Slovacks, Germans, etc…. and you know what?…. We all told Swedish, Polish, Italian, German, and Slovack jokes to each other and we LOVED IT!! As soon as we heard a new Swedish or Italian joke we couldn’t wait to go tell it our Swedish or Italian FRIEND! And you know what?? They Loved it!! Yes, That is right, We laughed and joked with each other all the time and it brought us together as friends and fellow Americans because we all had that common bond… AMERICA!

We all were proud Americans! Back then we didn’t consider ourselves “Swedish Americans” or “Italian Americans” NO, We considered ourselves “AMERICAN” PERIOD!

On to a more “sensitive” subject. I have lived amongst a biker culture since I was in my early 20s. I have traveled and lived in other countries and I have lived in about 8 states (My memory evades me at times but this is about right, HaHaHa!) One thing I have learned by experiencing different biker cultures such as The Bandido’s, Pagan’s, Hells Angels, etc…. is that All Bikers have one thing in common and that is to Live the Biker Lifestyle. Bikers love the freedom of the road, the the camaraderie of fellow bikers, the love of coming together to help those in need…. etc. and the common bond of being able to live the biker lifestyle in this

beautiful country of America! Having the freedom of living the American lifestyle and the Biker life as long as we do not harm others. Remember that from earlier in my rant.

On to the “Rest of the Story” as Paul Harvey has spoken many, many times in my memories. Man, I loved that guy and listened to him every morning on the radio station WKZA. Wow! Awesome flashback.

OK, So what I am trying to get to is that I don’t care who you are, Swedish, Italian, Redneck, Hillbilly, Soldier of Fortune, Cowboy, Horseman, Veteran, Soldier, Patriot, or any hard-working person out there… We all have one common bond and that is that we LOVE AMERICA! and the lifestyle we love.

So this is my thought…Whoever or Whatever you might be, ALL of us may sometime in the future be fighting shoulder to shoulder to defend our country, and believe me when I say that ALL of the above-mentioned will need to band together to protect this Beautiful country of America!

What I am saying is let’s stop letting the media divide us as a nation and start banding together as proud, happy Americans and learn to appreciate each other for our differences. How boring would it be to live with people that were exactly alike?

But yet we are all alike because we all love America! So go on out there and keep telling your ethnic jokes to each other and make your friends laugh, But remember, We are All Americans, and We All Stand United!!

Love You All,

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