Well at the time of this writing, this dumbshit administration has been in office for 10 months.10 months, 10 Freakin months. How can you intentionally screw up a Great Country in just 10 months? Look……I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on, You can’t think things are all Lollipops and Fairy Tales unless you are a Total Stupid Idiot. How do you like the rising fuel prices, High consumer prices, almost empty shelves, and shortages, just what this administration wants to control you, they want to give you everything they think you need.

Crash Site of United Flight 93, September 11th, 2001.

   I’ll probably be all over the place in this article, But let’s start with “The Shot.” YES…..I call it the shot because that is what it is, It is an mRNA shot NOT a Vaccine. Listen, we have hundreds of thousands of people that die each year from the ordinary flu. Have you ever heard of anyone contemplating a Flu Shot Mandate? NO.

   Let’s go back to April 2020, They said that you just needed to stay at home and away from others for 2 weeks and this thing would go away. Well, that didn’t happen. Then it became Months, Masks, No Masks, Masks, Two Masks, Three Masks, Absolutely no one knew what they were talking about or what they were doing. No Science. Then “The Shot,” if you want it, if you don’t want it, One shot, Two shots, now a Booster, then another Booster, Mandate, then No Mandate, Now again Mandate. What is in this “shot” that the government wants everyone to have in them? Now for kids as little as 5 years old, This is child cruelty. Look……This is the “Deal,” This “Let’s Go Brandon” administration is run by the Far Progressive Left and China. Not the feeble man in the oval office. Almost all of our Pharmaceuticals in this country are made in China. Now I don’t know exactly how much tax dollars are being paid for each shot to Big Pharma, but you know that the government pays too much for everything. So big pharma wants everyone to have this shot, the next shot, and the shot after and so on because they want to get paid millions upon millions of dollars to manufacture these shots and of course pay China many millions to produce it, China? On yea, the “China Virus” that China.

   How about the open southern border, this is Texas, we are all aware of the catastrophe to our south. By the end of this year, we will have had over 2.5 Million illegal aliens cross into this country and that is just the ones that have been counted and verifiable, It doesn’t count “the getaways” or “the never caught,” so this number is very much higher. Then there is the overnight “red eye” flights from our southern border to the Red States across this country just dumping illegals into communities across America. They are seeding these areas with future Democrat voters with the idea of eventually turning these states Blue.

Flight 93 Temporary Memorial Building.

   Then the Afghanistan Fiasco, this is what kills me and I hate the most. This is the ultimate insult to our military and veterans who fought for this country’s freedoms to defend the honor of this fabulous country. When this country was attacked on 9/11/2001 on our home soil, Americans stood tall and stayed together. Our faithful and courageous military went to war in the middle east to defend what had happened at home. No matter what side of the story you are on, it makes no difference, whatever your feelings are on this issue, it makes no difference. We are indebted to our American heroes, It’s been a long twenty years of “We Will Never Forget,” yet this “Go Brandon” Administration has forgotten. They have no respect for or care anything about the hundreds of thousands that lost their lives, lost limbs, and lost the ability to function. Listen……We have thousands of homeless vets living on the streets of America and this unbelievable Dumb Shit Administration wants to give Millions of dollars to illegal aliens that broke our laws to come here.

   So there was a plan to finally pull out of Afghanistan, It was a good plan to bring home our soldiers, firearms, equipment, trucks, tanks, airplanes, etc., but this leadership (I use that term very loosely) decided to change the plan and vacate in the darkness and dead of night and pull out our military, this was a retreat, they waived the white flag to the terrorists, an embarrassment to the men and women serving and just following orders. They left behind over a thousand Americans, What happened to “No Man Left Behind?” Not to mention the Billions of dollars in high-tech military vehicles, equipment, and firearms left behind in the hands of terrorists (Happy early ISIS Christmas) and China. The worst tragedy from this is the 12 Marines and 1 Navy Medic killed during this fiasco, God Bless You and Rest in Peace.

   This country with President Donald J Trump in charge was totally “Energy Independent.” We didn’t have to rely on anyone else in the world to supply oil to us. Actually, we had a huge stockpile and were ready to start exporting oil at a profit. Turn The Page, Today…Fuel prices are skyrocketing at huge rates depending on what part of the state or country you reside in. You can expect to pay more to heat your home this winter, (“Buy extra blankets,” Remember Jimmy Carter) and No end or resolution is on-site because this Go Brandon administration does not have a clue. Just shut down the pipelines and drill and crank up the windmills, what a Freakin Joke!

Flight 93 Temporary Memorial Site Entrance

   There are many “Stupid People” in this country, Hence the Progressive Socialist Left. But most Americans are Not that Stupid and see the light
through the clouds. They are waking up and seeing what this administration is doing. It is shown in the recent elections across the country, we are taking back Red seats and turning Blue seats Red. Virginia was a wake-up for the Democrat party and it took place in many areas everywhere. The 2022 mid-terms will be the defining point, if you want your America back we need to vote out all these progressive liberals and the Rinos (Republicans in name only.)

   Now this last part actually needs to be an article all on its own so will only touch on it this time and give it more space in another issue, Most people really aren’t watching this but many are and that is the actions of China in the China Sea and abroad elsewhere. They are firmly taking advantage of the weakness of the Go Brandon Administration and are ramping up their military with the intention of attacking the United States, Not directly at first but at this point indirect roundabout ways. Also from inside with all the land in the United States that it owns outright in California and Texas. Not a lot of people are aware that China owns three-quarters of the real estate in Manhattan, New York. This administration is not ready for this and will not be able to respond with its current top-level liberal and weak leaders.

   Rick Rose

   More to Come!

Rick Saying a Prayer For Those Heros Lost on Flight 93 at the Crash Site.

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