In 1859, British naturalist, Charles Darwin wrote “On the Origin of Species,” a book in which he explained his theory on survival of the fittest. He writes how it isn’t the biggest or the strongest that survive, but the species that adapts to changes the best that will go on to survive and thrive. In other words, the best and the brightest and the most resourceful. This theory can also be applied to big corporations, as well as small businesses, and many other situations.

   I remember in the late sixties and early seventies, my dad would come home from work mad at times. (He worked for the National Forest Service.) He explained how they weren’t allowed to hire the best person for the job but they were forced to hire a minority at times to keep their workforce “fair.” The jobs included running heavy equipment, and chainsaws, driving snowmobiles, using a compass to navigate through the forest, knowing how to stay safe with the bears, snakes, and other wild animals, knowledge of each species of tree and plant, knowledge of water and mineral rights…I can go on and on but I am sure you get the point. He said that hiring someone not knowledgeable on these things, not only put a larger burden on the already hard-working people but it put people’s lives in danger and weakened the whole crew.

   Our corrupt government is now pushing businesses (big and small) to conform even more to this idiotic policy of having to hire more people just because of the color of their skin or if they are one of the 67 or so ridiculous genders. Don’t think for a moment this is to create equality, Oh No, this is to weaken businesses under the “guise” of being fair. To quote Wayne Harper… “You are the CEO of a large corporation that recently purchased a state-of-the-art Lear jet… Do you hire a pilot and flight crew based on experience, skill, and performance records or do you hire purely based on race, gender, and political affiliation?”

   So why does the corrupt government want to weaken our businesses? So they can come in and buy up the now defunct business along with their bed partner, China. Control, more and more control of every part of our lives. There are other ways the government and China are weakening America and other countries, also. The devastating fires in Australia and California are just 2 examples. These fires were proven to be purposely

set. Yes, the fires in California happen every year because of lightning, careless campers and even the locals that set them because it creates good paying jobs as they get paid well to help put them out. But this year the firefighters found multiple areas where canisters of gasoline were used as accelerants. Some areas were so dangerous that even that even the firefighters weren’t allowed into them. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed and many were forced into bankruptcy or forced to sell at a dirt-cheap price. So now our corrupt government and China come in and scoop up all the property in California and Australia. Don’t you know China is loving buying up our western coast so they can move right in? They already have 146 acres right by one of our military bases in Texas, and they have bought multiple ranches and farmlands in the midwest by offering the owners 3 and 4 times the value of the land. China also now has military bases in Barbados and other places. They just go into the country and start offering money to these governments by the millions and pretty soon, what do you know, they have taken over. You know, the way Hitler took over Switzerland. It’s a bit more complicated than that but that’s basically what happened.

   The lockdowns are all another part of this plan also. Force businesses and families into bankruptcy so they have to forfeit their land, homes, and businesses. Americans are being drained of their money and don’t even have enough left to hire a lawyer to fight back. So No, the lockdowns aren’t for “our” own good, it is for the “governments” own good. Not only are they taking over the lost properties, but they are not allowing us to even congregate because this is how we unite to form ideas and plans to fight back.

   I am finishing with a thought of hope though. From the corrupt government to the evil China, they are all fueled by hate, greed, and a total disregard for humanity. I believe this will be their downfall. While they may prosper temporarily, the evil among them will cause an implosion amongst themselves, so keep faith and kindness in your heart but also fight like hell! To quote John Paul Jones… “I have not yet begun to fight!”

   Written by: Lincoln

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