YES, Control, Control, Control…..That is what I am going to talk about today; But first, let me step back a little in time and explain to you how this has been being set up under our noses for the last 14 years, I could actually go back even further but it is not necessary at this point for me to definitely show you how to understand what has been going on quietly behind the scenes every day while you have been living your life. For those that do not know me or have not read any articles of mine before, I am not a conspiracy theorist, I speak from knowledge and facts, and anything I say can be proven. That is why I cannot be politically debated, It all can be “Ducked”, several years ago I would have said Googled but with today’s tech control, you may not find it.

   So I will take you back to 2008, we had a presidential election, our first black president. Barack Obama, Wow what a great thing. The one man who would bring the country together and literally and finally end racism. That literally and figuratively could have been the scenario, But No, that would have been the comic book version. That did not fit the progressive’s plan. That plan was to expand racism, to divide this country even more. The “Divider in Chief”, is not my term it has been quoted by many. You see a country that is united cannot be controlled. So he had 8 years behind the scenes of normal presidential activity to expand the Democrat Progressive agenda of “that time” (more on “that time” later).

   So as this administration rolled on and America was just coming out of a financial and real estate downfall and the economy began to improve and life was fairly good. It was not noticeable that many derogatory and not-good-for-America executive orders were enacted. Also, unnoticeably the government began to change, the beginning of the “deep state”. Now, this was being put into action at many levels deep, But controlled at the very top with the most important, the Department of Justice, with appointees Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, Why the DOJ, well because they are in charge of the FBI, what department or agency has more control over the people? They took their lessons from the experts, The German Schutzstaffel (Hitler’s SS). So let’s move through time a little faster otherwise I will have to take up all 24 pages in this magazine. The Progressive base was put in place in all agencies and departments of the government for the entire 8 years of this administration. How do you think we ended up with an American hating Muslim in the house representing Minnesota (Ilhan Omar) because Obama made sure to import and settle mostly legal Indian immigrants to that area to set up that election, and the same thing with the Jew and Israeli-hating representative in Michigan (Rashida Tlaib).

   Let’s move up to 2016, another presidential election, and for the progressives everything was good, and all rooks and pawns were set up in a row. You see the next president was set, Hillary Clinton. She would take over the administration and continue on because it was her birth rite. You see, from the Democrat’s perspective, Donald J. Trump was a joke and could never be elected. SURPRISE!! So now it was November 2016, Obama had to assure that the deep state was thoroughly enacted and deep enough to combat anything the Greatest President this country has ever seen can accomplish. So Obama took these two months to, as well as many other things, set into place the right progressives in all departments, DOJ, State, CIA, NSA, etc. to convert over

2,000 presidential-appointed jobs to Civil Service jobs, so the incoming president could not remove them and appoint his people to them. The Deep State was in place to combat anything this president could accomplish, But MAGA was enacted anyway. With the greatest results ever seen by any president in 4 years, just think how much more would have been done if Donald J. Trump didn’t have to spend 50% of his time fighting and defending himself and 50% being president.

   Earlier I mentioned Progressives of “that time”, Well with “Crooked Hillary” losing and Donald J. Trump in office this was the catapult for the Progressives of “this time”. AOC and her “squad” were born, statues were destroyed and came down, and crime and violence abounded. Enter George Soros, BLM, and ANTIFA, riots were everywhere, cities burned to the ground, and businesses were destroyed.

   Fast forward a few more years to January / February 2020, the intentional Chinese Communist Party biological attack on this country and the world, COVID-19, in my personal opinion an intentionally pre-planned event between Barack Obama and his good friend the supreme leader Xi Jinping because he knew that Trump’s re-election was assured unless action was taken. Covid was their tool to win/steal an unwinnable election.

   November 2020, the election, “America is Great” at least in the eyes of Conservatives and Intelligent persons. This election was almost locked up for a second term of Donald J. Trump as over half of America was smart enough to know how well off they were they despite the so-called social rhetoric.

   January 20th, 2021, “Let’s Go Brandon”, begins the third term of Obama.

   February 2022, over one full year of an incredible failure of a presidential administration. America is failing. Thus, the original subject of this article is the ONLY way the Progressive Democrats have to win back their power and achieve their objective of “forever power”. Control, Control, Control.

   Control the people; That’s You, they want to control all you do and don’t do. They want you masked up and locked down, They want you shut up and obedient, They want you vaccinated with the endless “shot” and scared. They want to tell you if you can work and when you can work, They want to be in control of what you earn and how much you can earn. They want to give you all that you need and nothing that you want.

   Control the government; That’s them, POWER says it all. They want political power, personal power, economic power, and power over you, your life, your family, and your entire existence.

   Control of America; Yes they want to control America because whoever controls America, controls the world. BUT, they really will not control America, they only want the benefits of leadership in controlling America, because America will really be controlled by China and we already are well on that route. That will be the topic of my next article and you will not want to miss it.

   Talk Soon,

   Rick Rose

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