Did you know that nearly 30 million acres of U S farmland are owned/held by foreign investors, and this has doubled in the past 20 years? Smithfield Foods Inc. owns more than 500 farms on 146,000 acres of U S soil. Smithfield was purchased by the Chinese company WH Group (then known as Shuanghui Group / Shineway Group) China’s largest meat producer, for 4.72 Billion in 2013. When this company started to buy land in Iowa and Minnesota the states passed laws that restricted foreign ownership making it illegal.

   So Governor Abbott, can we get in on this? Because Canada owns more U.S. farmland than other countries (I’ll talk about what Bill Gates owns in a bit.) Beginning in 2015, Investment group GH America purchased over 130,000 acres of property in Val Verde County. GH America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Xinjiang-based Guanchui Industry Investment Group. Xinjiang is notorious for its so-called “re-education” camps where China detains Vighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities against their will and violates their human rights. The potential for Chinese espionage against the USA from within our own country is ringing loudly. This site could gather sensitive intel from nearby U.S. military facilities like Fort Hood, Fort Bliss, and Lackland Air Force Base. Lackland and nearby Laughlin AFB graduate hundreds of pilots a year. The Chinese could monitor U.S. border operations and defenses and plug into Texas infrastructure including its electrical grid. Selling this land to the Chinese was a grave breach of national security.

   Since Texas has no problem stealing land, homes, businesses, generations-owned ranches, and farms from Texans all in the name of eminent domain, how about you take China’s land from them all in the name of eminent domain? Just say that Texas is enlarging its military bases because of a national security threat! This sounds a hell of a lot better than “Hey, we’re taking your family’s property because of an unwanted high-speed rail train, Not owned by Texas.”This land has actually been deeded to a company owned by the Japanese Government.

   OK, on to some other subjects. Biden is giving Billions to the IRS to audit millions of Americans. Are they the ones coming door to door about the Covid shot (because it is not a vaccine) Will they target the Red States? I’m guessing the ones that didn’t get the shot will be the ones audited. Are they going to ask questions like “Do you believe in the 2nd amendment?” and “Do you own guns?” “Oh, and by the way, where are these guns?” Supposedly, the Mayors and Governors are able to handle this in the manner they choose so how will you handle this Governor Abbott?

   Now I am going to switch to another thing that is driving me crazy. To begin with, the Covid shot is Not a vaccine, even by CDC guidelines. It is experimental gene control. I watched a video of Bill Gates bragging about how it changes DNA. There are 100s of teens who took the shot that now have an inflamed heart condition. Hundreds of military people that got shot are being sent home for various reactions to the shot. 100’s of pregnant women that got the shot miscarried. Wait until the 2 headed goat babies are born from the pregnant women that didn’t abort.

   Governor Abbott, Mr. Biden says more closures are imminent. How will you handle this? Are you going to allow the false positives to be a guideline to restrictions? Will you address the fact that Scientists, Doctors, and Medical Examiners have come out and revealed that they were coerced, threatened, and had their records changed to list the deaths as Covid even though they weren’t? All these fake statistics were used to keep us shut down and businesses were lost so China and the Government could swoop in and buy up the bankrupted properties, and how about renters not having to pay rent so landlords were bankrupted so China and the Government could swoop in and buy up their properties?

   Just a few more subjects I will touch on…Austin suggested Texans keep our thermostats at 85 degrees during the day so we wouldn’t have to have our electricity shut off. How about the electric vehicle-pushing liberals unplug their earth-destroying cars? The incineration plants that break down the old batteries emit fatal toxins into our air and ground waters.

   Why is Houston allowing criminals out of prison just to destroy innocent Texan’s lives?

   Start prosecuting judges that rule according to partisanship instead of following constitutional law.

   Stop giving ownership to foreign countries of toll roads and other Texas properties.

   Let me ask another question, Governor Abbott, You said that illegal aliens will be jailed. Will Texas taxpayers be footing that bill to feed, clothe and shelter them? What about when they are released? Will they just be allowed to go on welfare on the Texan’s taxpayer dime? All while raping, pillaging, and plundering innocent Texans?

    OK, I am nearly finished but I promised you one last mention of farmlands and Bill Gates. Mr. Gates believes that natural meat is causing too much pollution and that countries should be eating 100% synthetic beef. Well, guess what? Mr. Gates owns the most farmland of anyone here in the USA, He owns 268,984 acres of land combined across 19 states. Wow, just Wow!

   ….And this is why I haven’t had “Lincoln’s Thoughts” in the magazine for a while. I am just mad at all these treasonous acts being played against the Awesome citizens of Texas and All of America.

   Rick Rose and I are American-loving people. I wrote this piece to maybe make America a little bit more aware of certain things going on today.

   God Bless America,


   PS. The contact information for Texan Republicans in Congress is provided on page 20.

   Please let them hear what You have to say!

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