Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden’s executive action on the border as “meaningless,” telling Newsmax on Tuesday that it’s nothing more than a “public relations executive order” with the election five months away.

   “He’s poisoning our country,” Trump said on “Greg Kelly Reports.”

   Biden issued the order earlier Tuesday, a move that takes effect at midnight Tuesday and shuts down the southern border once illegal crossings reach 2,500 a day, which is already above the threshold. However, it was reported that the written exceptions in Biden’s action would still allow almost 1.8 million migrants into the U.S. per year.

   “First of all, it’s a nothing that he did and allowing massive numbers of people still to come in, and it’s just misinformation, disinformation, and just another hit job,” Trump told Kelly.

   Further, it lacks the teeth of his executive orders that Biden undid in 2021 and that of the House border legislation called H.R.2.

   And frankly, this should have been done 3½ years ago, but something meaningful like the one that Congress passed or we wanted Congress to pass, which was basically my things, having to do with the stay in Mexico, called Remain in Mexico, and catch-and-release in Mexico, not in the United States,” Trump told Kelly. “No, this is a public relations executive order, and it’s meaningless, meaningless.

   “He could stop the millions of people coming into our country with one order and one signature. It’s all there for him. I did it,” Trump added. “We had the safest border in history, and now we have the worst border of any country in the history of the world. It’s a terrible, terrible thing that’s happened to our country.

   “And they’re coming in from prisons and jails. They’re coming in from mental institutions and above that, insane asylums, and you have a lot of terrorists coming into our country, and it’s a terrible thing that he’s doing,” he said.

   “He’s poisoning our country.”

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